Review: The Nature’s Co Store in Chennai

The Nature’s Co store in Chennai has always been a place where I stop over to atleast gaze and go and many times in the process shopped a lot for their amazing products. The ambience inside the store is extremely pleasant and the aroma from the store is divine.

So when I got the chance to do a store review the first question I asked the Store Manager Saraswati (she is such a sweetheart!) was what attracts people to this tiny store at Express avenue. The “no door” concept where there is no barrier between the store and the customer, the PETA sign and the atmosphere and aroma are a few things that attract people to this store according to her! 100% agree! She also said that a lot of people come in with a curiosity of whether this is a spa or a beauty parlor of sorts (and just before i left a lady walked in asking the same question! :P) and eventually end up discovering amazing products in the journey!
Thats me! I was seriously taking notes on what Saraswati was telling me! 😀

The store in Chennai has been there ever since EA was opened in Chennai (which was 2 years back).

The reporter in me wrote and wrote and wrote! Phew!

A sign which welcomes people at the entrance

Products displayed at the right side of the entrance

A page from the book at the entrance

Sign on the left side of the entrance – Hooray for being cruelty free and vegan!

Body Lotions at Display!

The products from the four ranges were displayed separately and if you notice there are (if I may call them) color co-ordinated props in the last row of each display rack! Ain’t that pretty??

The five ranges and products on display

Each range is based on one of the 5 powerful natural elements. You can read more about the products here.

The Atmospure range of products consist of ingredientss like lavender, primrose, cotton and spearmint. Lily of the valley is said to be one of the best selling products here!


The products in the Starrize range are mostly citrus based (as seen from the color!)


Foressence products are made up of what is available naturally in the forests. Saraswati told me that The Hibiscus Shampoo is one of the best selling products here!


Earthborne is my favourite of all the ranges! The coffee face scrub and the cocoa body scrub are my favourites!


The Aquaspark range consists of products which are made of ingredients which are obtained from the sea. Watercress is an often found ingredient in this range.


I loved the aroma of the candles at the store. Each one had a unique frangrance to it! I wanted to take them all home!


Coffee bean candles!! Yum!

And some more candles! 😛

Candles and Diffusers

There were also a lot of products displayed on a rack to create our own spas at home! The diffusers were really pretty!

DIY spa!

Incense Sticks for the perfect at home spa!

Slippers made from wheat straws! Isn’t that awesome!

A gift hamper on display

The only con I found was with respect to the stock of products. There weren’t fresh pieces of a few items in the store. Only testers were on the rack for people to test and probably place an advance order if they could.

The culprit behind the wafting aroma!

I had the privilege of getting my feet pampered at the spa counter by Nila. My feet were all tired and aching, thanks to three months of the teacher trainee programme.

The very sweet SA Nila and Store Manager Saraswati (L to R)

Spa time!

Happy Feet! 😀

I had asked Saraswati to recommend a few products from the 5 different ranges for various common skin problems and here are a few she suggested:

Finally I walked home with a goody bag!

I’ll review them once I start using them. 🙂

The brand is also planning to launch small gift hampers with miniature versions of some of their amazing products and a few aromatherapy kits! Sounds interesting!

Disclaimer: This is NOT a paid review. Ive given my personal and honest opinion on the store. Divassence’s first priority will always be YOU!

How has your experience with The Nature’s Co been?