Peppertap: Shopping for everyday staples is just an app away!

No time to step out of the house to shop for groceries? Well, apps like Peppertap are here to make our lives easier.




Shopping for groceries and fresh fruits and veggies online is now a new level of convenience all together. There are various online sites from which you can shop and there are apps where you can download and shop from your phone. That literally means shopping for everyday essentials from home in your pyjamas without spending that extra fortune on petrol. Amazeballs!

Speaking of apps, Peppertap is one such app that gives consumers like us the convenience of shopping online for various products we use in our day to day lives- From spices, fruits and vegetables, oils to soaps, detergents and deodorants.

I downloaded the Peppertap app on an Android phone (Everyone in the family have Android phones except me!) .I did not find the app on my Microsoft phone but I’m sure it will be available pretty soon.

I was browsing through this shopping app and here’s what I liked about it:

User-friendly: The app is pleasant to the eyes and makes shopping a stress-free process. The colors aren’t too loud. The products are displayed in the form of listing where the picture, name of the product, quantity and price are mentioned. There is an add/subtract option where you can add the product to your basket.

Navigation made simple: Products are classified according to various categories like breakfast and dairy, food and drinks, staples and spices, bath and body, fruits and vegetables and so on. This makes it convenient to pick and choose the products without having to go through long listings where you need to search for what you want among 100 other products.




The categories are further subdivided. For example, food and drinks are further classified as chips and namkeen, soft drinks, chai & coffee, sweets & cookies, sauces and pickles and so on. This enables a user to pick what he/she wants quickly without spending too much time browsing through various sections.

Wide range of products available: Availability of products that we use on an everyday basis and various brands that are familiar to us makes it easy to shop without any hesitation. If an unfamiliar brand is available, I would probably think twice before purchasing it, especially when it comes to everyday staples. Brands like Amul, Aachi, Dabur, Ching’s, Biotique, Axe, Kellogg’s are available.

There are few organic food options available but I wish it had a separate section for organic food since that would be easier to navigate for those who would prefer only organic food.

Overall, the app is user-friendly and fuss-free and I would highly recommend downloading this app and shop efficiently for groceries.

If you do shop on Peppertap, do let me know your experience!

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