My Skincare Routine (Extremely Dry Skin)

So finally here is a lowdown on my skincare routine!! My skin is predictable and boring (just like the Chennai weather of course!! :P). It is extremely dry and under no circumstance does that change. So I have a pretty much set routine which is the result of a lot of trying and testing of products. I wasn’t a huge fan of store bought products but now I’ve found some of my HG skincare products!!

Skincare Routine: Day

I have to get ready to go to school everyday at 8 so my skincare routine is minimal yet effective. I used the Lush Angels On Bare Skin . This one also works as a scrub and brightens my skin. I use to slather on sunscreen on my face earlier but since the time I bought the Cetaphil DAM moisturizer for dry skin, I switched over to that. Now that I’ve finished using a tube of that, I’ve moved on to the Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion which I’m currently loving!!

The sunscreen I’m currently using is the Nivea Sun one with SPF 30 but since it is getting hotter here, it is definitely high time I invest in a sunscreen with a higher SPF.
So that’s it for the day. Simple. When I return from school, I use a Johnson&Johnson Wet Wipe to wipe off the dirt and grime from my face.
Skincare Routine: Night
My skincare routine for the night isn’t elaborate either. I use the Cetaphil cleanser at night since it is mild and fragrance-free. Generally I prefer a gentle cleanser at night and this fits the bill. After I was my face, I apply the Aroma Magic Under Eye Cream (not pictured here) and leave it on for 15 minutes and remove it. Since my skin is extremely dry, at night I use a heavy cream on my face and leave it on overnight. I’m using The Nature’s Co White Tea Night Cream at the moment.
One major cause of concern for me are blackheads. Shweta had recommended using Salicylix Acid Ointment (6%) for blackheads, whiteheads and open pores and she was sweet enough to give me an extra tube she had so I apply a thin layer of it on my nose overnight. It doesn’t give immediate results (because it contains only 6% Salicylix Acid) but I can see that it is working!!
For my hands and legs, I alternate between the Vaseline Intensive Care Healthy White Lotion and St. Ives lotion for Dry Skin (not pictured here). Both of these are moisturizing enough and I can be assured of softer skin in the morning.
I have heavy duty pigmentation on my hands thanks to the lack of knowledge about sunscreens back in college. Vaseline Intensive Care Healthy White Lotion is doing its job well, I must say! With regular usage, the pigmentation has considerable come down.

When it comes to lips, I swear by the Lotus Herbals Fruity Fusion Lip Balm. I apply it before I go to bed and leave it on overnight. It gives me really smooth and flaky-free lips. I have three of these, one by my bedside, one in my bag and one in my vanity. 😀

A few important things (that would make this post complete 😉 )

  • I alternate between the Palmolive Aromatherapy Lavender Body Wash and The Body Shop Strawberry Shower Gel. These two body washes help retain my skin’s moisture content.
  • I use a homemade face pack once a week alternating between ingredients which are good for dry skin.
  • I love my food spicy but that doesn’t stop me from ensuring it doesn’t affect my skin. I ensure I drink a lot of water and buttermilk in regular intervals.
  • I’ve also linked some of the skincare products to their reviews on the blog. The rest I’ll review soon. If there is anything in particular that you want me to do a detailed review of immediately, do let me know.
  • Once a month I apply gingelly oil all over my body, leave it on for an hour and wash it off with green gram flour. This helps keep my skin soft and helps get rid of excess heat from my body.
  • I DO NOT use hot water for bathing however cold the weather is. For me cold water is what it is. If it gets really cold then I use a mug full of hot water for a bucket of cold water and that is it. Bathing in hot water might feel really good but at the end of the day it strips off all the moisture from one’s skin.

Hope this helped! Do share your routine in the comment box below!