My First Ever Attempt at Halloween Nail Art!

Halloween is a one day I look forward to every year. Not that we celebrate it here in India, but I do get a huge piece of cake and a lot of chocolates, courtesy my grandparents. We make it a point to celebrate the occasion because the day also marks my granddad’s birthday! 😀 and nope we don’t make fun of him just because he was born on this particular day.. well.. maybe just a wee bit..

To tell you the truth, I do not post any of my nail art work here because at the end of it I think they are pathetic! I think twice, ask people around me if it is worth posting but this time I found the courage to post this one! My first ever Halloween nail art!

Initially I wanted to do a ghost on all nails with BOO! written on one of the nails but then there are so many things associated with Halloween! So I decided to add a little more color instead of the black and white monochrome.

Before I go on to talk about each nail in detail and tell you what colors I’ve used for which nail, there are three things I would like to point out:
  1. As you can see, black is the common color on all the nails and I’ve used Maybelline Colorama Nail Paint in Black
  2. Apart from the spider web and the legs of the spider, the rest were drawn using the dotting tool. The legs of the spider and the spider web were drawn using a sketch pen. It was easy using a sketch pen on a matte grey nail paint.
  3. The texture for the ring, thumb and the index fingers was created using a tissue paper. I wanted a cement wall like texture for the spider and the web and I felt this was the best way to do it.
  • Index Finger and Thumb: Spider and Spider Web: I used Avon Matte Nail Paint in Grey Cement.
  • Middle Finger: Ghost: I used Colorbar Nail Lacquer 37 Exclusive as the base and for the two white dots.
  • Ring Finger: Carved Pumpkin: I used Lakme Absolute Nail Tint in Red Chiffon as a base, gave it a texture using Lakme Absolute Nail Tints in Red Chiffon and Orange Squash
  • Little Finger: Zombie: I used Avon Nail Wear Pro Nail Enamel in Electric Green as the base

For the eyes of the Zombie and Spider I mixed Maybelline Colorama Nail Color in Amarelo Sol and Colorbar Nail Lacquer Exclusive 37 for a pale yellow.

Thee top coat used was Maybelline Express Finish (01 Transparent) Top Coat. Unfortunately when this was used on the ring finger, the black color from the eyes and the nose of the pumpkin started to seep into the orange. 🙁 I guess it is okay since it adds to the effect of an eerie looking pumpkin.

Care for a bite?

Hope you liked the nail art! Please leave your comments below and also let me know if you would like to see nail art tutorials on the blog! xoxoxo