Monochrome Nails!

By Janani

Hola Chicas!


What is hot and happening with your life? Mine is all Black and white. So I decided to do a nail art (It is sooooo relaxing !!! And the results always make you happy.. 🙂 ) with black and white. Half way through, it looked a bit too colorless and hence I decided to jazz it up.


Take a look.

I have used these following nail paints for this nail art.

  • Colorbar exclusive Nail paints in Black and White
  • Faces matte Nail paint in Gothic
  • New U nail paint in Gold Dust.
  • Base coat and top coat from French manicure. Its available at the dollar stores in the US.

I have to say this, Dee inspired me to do the polka dots. We were almost doing the nail art at the same time. She was doing the Independence day nail art (You can see it here) and I was doing this.


How did I do this?
Apply base coat to protect the nails. And let it dry. In the meantime think of the designs you want.

Here is the basic design layout

  1. Except the nail on the middle finger, all the others got two coats of glossy black color with Colorbar Nail paint. 
  2. The nail on the Middle finger got three coats of Colorbar white Nail paint. This white is so sheer and so this nail took the longest time to create.
  • I started from the thumb, basic polka dots. I have used toothpicks for this. I want those dotting tools (Dee !!! Are you listening ????)
  • For my ring finger, I decided to keep it simple i.e. Just a star. I applied faces matte black Np and stuck a star on it. You can get these at stationary stores.
  • Pinkie got a special treatment. 😛 😉 Loads of cellotape stuck on it to create these black and white stripes.
  • Forefinger is the one I jazzed up. I did a glitter gradient using New U gold dust.
  • Middle finger was a color block with strips of cellotape stuck cross-ways and Faces Matte filling the gap.

After all that work, here is the finished product. Hope you guys like it. This look can be created with duos belonging to contrast family.


Have fun until next time!!
Ciao!! :*