Maybelline New York Bright Benefit Cream in 02 Radiance: Review, swatches & FOTD

“Try again and you shall succeed” is a very famous quote but the idea fails when it comes to resisting makeup shopping. The whole world a few days back was talking about the launch of the Maybelline BB cream in India and I tried resisting falling in the trap of buying what everyone else were. But as soon as I saw the packaging of the Maybelline BB cream I was sold! 😀

Price: Rs 199
Qty: 18 ml
Packaging: A very cute teal tube with a pink cap 
Shades available:  
01 Natural
02 Radiance (the one Im reviewing now)
03 N*de
Wish there were more shades to choose from!
Where to buy it from: Stylecraze (Rs 199) 
How I use it: I take a little of the cream (approx a pea size) at the back of my hand and use a stippling brush to blend it onto my face and neck.  
What Maybelline claims:
I will review the product along the lines of the claims so that it will give you a clear picture on how exactly it has worked for me.
My skin type: Extremely dry (worse than the Saharas! Seriously! No kidding!) 😛
Claim: Instantly brightens
My take: As soon as I apply it there is a thin white film on my face (which makes me look like a ghost!) but after 15-20 minutes my face is really bright and the entire product has sunken into my skin!
Claim: Protects with SPA 21 and is smooth, light and non-greasy in texture
My take: Errr… Initially I found it very difficult to blend. Then like how in a typical movie a hero comes to the heroine’s rescue the stippling brush came to my rescue! The stippling brush works best with this and it evenly spreads the product across your face.
Claim: Hydrates: Moisturizes all day (8 hours)
My take: this is one thing I don’t agree with! It does not make my moisturized nor it does it sap out the little moisture my skin has. So it’s a 50:50 for me.
Claim: Conceals: Perfectly conceals flaws, blemishes and redness
My take: It does conceal flaws to an extent. A little better than a tinted moisturizer though. It does not give you full coverage.
Claim: Smoothens: Instantly makes skin softer and smoother
My take: Agree! My skin is softer and the unevenness is terms of little bumps or the roughness on my face is gone when I use this one.
Claim: Mattifies: Controls shine all day
My take: No! If it were to mattify my skin I wouldn’t be using it. It doesn’t do anything of that sort to me but I have no clue how it works on oily skin
Claim: Freshens: Resists sweat and sebum for 5 hours
My take: This claim is thankfully true. Since I work in the school the amount of running around and the power cuts make me sweat excessively. Thankfully this one resists sweat!

Before and after blending (using a stippling brush)

The cream lasts on me for 8-9 hours. I’m happy with the coverage since I don’t require a heavy foundation for my skin. This one works for me quite decently except for the moisturizing aspect.
Here’s how the BB cream looks on me (after 4 hours of roaming around in the scorching heat!):
Finally I would give this a 3.5/5. I don’t need to recommend this to you guys since Im sure by now all of you would have tried it out! 😛