Maybelline Clear Glow Shine Free BB Stick: Review and a Detailed Comparison with the BB Cream!

In every post of mine, wherever I’ve gotten the chance, I’ve always stressed on the fact that I have extremely dry skin. The only thing I probably haven’t done is go on top of the roof and shout it out! So when the Maybelline Clear Glow BB Stick was launched, I did not hesitate to buy it although it wasn’t the right product for my skin type. So you may ask why I bought it so here is my reply to that. Because I’m a beauty blogger and I have this endless thirst to try out everything in the market!! 😛 

The Maybelline Clear Glow BB Stick is the answer to all you girls who went on and on about how the BB Cream made your face look oily. I agree that it is totally unfair that none of the BB creams in the market cater to oily skin type and I’m impressed how Maybelline identified that gap in the market and came out with this BB Stick (wouldn’t be appropriate to call it a cream and calling it a cream would drive away the potential market for this product!!)

Price: 250 INR

Shades available: 02 Radiance and 04 Fawn

Packaging: The BB Stick comes in a twist up tube (which is the most sensible option for such a product) and the colors on the outer part of the packaging are a metallic pink and a metallic mint blue. I adore the packaging not only because of the colors but also because they can be carried around easily and touch ups are hassle free BUT if you ever drop the BB Stick, then you’ve had it. The cap refuses to stay on and is a pain since it keeps coming off at the slightest touch.

Even though I have dry skin (here I go again!) I like using the BB Stick especially in summer when I prefer a matte finish. It is also sweat proof which is definitely a requirement for me since I live in a place where the humidity levels are high.

The best part about this BB Stick is that even though it looks like a tough nut to crack in terms of blending  the product blends into the skin like a dream. The texture looks and feels thick and non-blendable when swatched and applied on the face directly from the stick but that’s about it. It blends rather easily with very little effort and does not give you the “ghost face” when applied. It looks natural on the skin and the bonus for those of you with oily skin is that it sets to a matte finish. I tried it on a friend who has oily skin and it lasted on her for about 5 and half hours and her face did not look like a disco ball which means the shine free claim is true!! So I thought that was amazing.

If I had to pinpoint one failing when it comes to the BB Stick or the BB Cream in general, it is the availability of suitable shades. The BB Cream comes in 3 shades all of which seem light and BB Stick which come in two shades a light and a darker one (and the darker one can be used for contouring by the way  if you’re skintone is within NC 40 :D)

So here is a comparison between the BB Cream and BB Stick. First of all these two were made keeping two different target audience in mind. If you have dry skin go for the Cream and if you have oily skin then the Stick. If you have normal skin then choose according to how your skin behaves given a particular weather condition. Remember, BB Cream: Dewy, natural Finish, BB Stick: Shine Free Matte Finish

The BB Cream, when applied gives you the “ghost face” (I keep lol-ing at myself each time I say this!!) which disappears after a while. Nothing of that sort happens with the BB Stick. But just make sure you do not go overboard while using it because then that could give you THE “ghost face”!! 😉

God created fingers for a purpose and that is for blending this BB Stick product on the face! Seriously nothing works better than the “10 for free” fingers for this one. The BB Cream requires a Stippling Brush to attain the dewy, natural look.

Price-wise, the BB Stick retails at 250 INR and BB Cream at 199 INR. I cannot compare the price points because the quantity of the BB Stick product hasn’t been printed on the packaging. It might have been printed on the seal.

I find that the BB Stick stays longer when applied than the BB Cream. The BB Cream survives on my face for about 5 hours while this lasts for about 6-7 hours. The BB Stick when applied clings onto my skin (do I have to repeat why again? Hint: My Skin type!!)

Of course, both of these contain micro minerals so that’s a bonus. The BB Cream has a SPF of 21 and PA+++ while the Stick lacks SPF (or I assume so since it isn’t mentioned on the packaging!)  and so does the BB Stick (just discovered it at the bottom of the packaging).

Phew!! That sounded like one of those “State 5 differences..” essay questions which I used to write back in school and college! The only thing missing is that line that divides the two things that are to be differentiated with the headings! 😀

Final Word: If you have oily skin and want a light shine-free base makeup product for your skin then this the one! If you have.. wait for it.. extremely dry skin, I wouldn’t advise you to use this but do try the Maybelline Clear Glow BB Cream instead.