MAC Hey, Sailor! Fleet Fast Blush: Review, Swatch, FOTD

Have you ever felt frustrated when you’ve done your research on an entire collection (especially MAC since these LE stuff launch much later in our country than in the States) and when you actually see the collection in person you aren ‘t too happy with most of what you thought you would love for sure?? Well, it happened to me with the MAC Hey, Sailor! collection. But a totally unexpected product from this line which caught my eye at the store was the Fleet Fast blush! (I know you aren’t surprised that a “blush” caught my fancy but I’ll tell you why it did anyway :P).
When I looked up the swatch online when it was released I thought it looked dupeable and there was nothing different about it but obviously I could not resist trying out the blushers at the store so I did and it was love at first application! 😉

The packaging has nautical stripes inspired by sailor uniforms which I think is cute.

Price 1400 INR
Qty: 6g
A warm pinkish coral with fine golden sparkles best describes the color of Fleet Fast. The golden sparkles do not show up the cheeks (thankfully!!) and they just add a sheen to the color.
The blush has a satin finish and I personally feel it is a lot smoother (maybe more finely milled?) than the other MAC blushers I own. It glides on the cheeks easily. I also find it easier to blend. This one makes it on my list of everyday wear blushers and is so versatile. You can use it for a nice day look by applying it sheer or layer it to give you the extra glow for the night. It would look gorgeous on both fair and dusky skin tones.
I don’t understand why this is priced higher than the regular blushers though. 1400 INR for a blush definitely burns a hole in the pocket. All LE collection blushers are usually priced 1350 INR. You might ask what difference does 50 bucks make when the blush is already priced high but it does 😛 You go into a store mentally prepared to pay a price for a product and obviously it pinches when the price has increased even if it is by 10 INR 😀
Here’s how it looks on me: 
I’ve blended it out really well and made it appropriate for a day look.

Final Word: Overall I love this one (except the price of course :D) and I think it is one of the most versatile blushers I have; a purchase I do not regret making.

Have you tried anything from the MAC Hey, Sailor! collection?