Let’s Talk!: Flawed Foundation

I’ve always wondered how a cousin of mine (who I dearly love and I’m hoping she reads this post :P) managed to make her skin look dark and patchy whenever she put on makeup. Her skin is smooth with nil pigmentation and looks healthy without makeup. Till I knew the basics of makeup, it always worried me to see her face like that. And then one fine day, when I finally developed an interest in makeup I realized that she was using a foundation that matched nowhere near her skintone. She was wearing a color that was 3-4 times lighter than her skintone.

There is this common assumption that wearing a foundation lighter than the one that perfectly matches your skin tone is the key to a fair looking skin. Or wear a darker one and a sun kissed look is achieved! (Seriously! Don’t people look at the mirror before they step out??)

Take a look at Paris Hilton and  Emily Blunt! What were they thinking? And Nicole Kidman really needs to invest in a translucent powder and a mirror!!

So here’s is today’s question: What do you think is a common mistake that one can make when it comes to base makeup and what would you recommend to rectify it?

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