Lakme Eyeconic Kajal: Review/Swatch/EOTD

I have an aunt who avoids complimenting others. If all of us love someone’s look she’ll pooh-pooh it. If I compliment one of my cousins/other aunts on their makeup or clothes she’ll try to out do them and put them down. She just cannot open her freakin’ mouth to give anyone a compliment. And one day it happened.. in her house .. when I had gone for lunch!! She said the kajal I had used looked really nice and dark and said it enhanced my eyes beautifully! Eh?? Really?? Then definitely the Lakme Eyeconic Kajal had worked its magic on me!!

When I first heard of the Lakme Eyeconic Range, the name, claims and price impressed me. It did remind me of the Maybelline Colossal Kajal instantly and needless to say both of them are tough competitors! (I’ve tried both and if you want me to compare them do let me know in the comments section below!)

Price: 199 INR  for 0.35g

It wasn’t love at first sight. As much as I wanted this to work for me it took me some time to actually get used to it. But now I can happily say we are inseparable! 😉


A few instructions on how to use the kajal on the outer cover! :

Packaging: The eye pencil is a sleek black retractable pencil. I personally loved the blue and black combination!

Since its a retractable pencil, I was worried that the sharpness of the pencil wouldn’t last but that really didn’t matter in this case. The pencil does its job well 🙂

The 10 hour claim: As much as I would have loved it to last on me for 10 hours, it lasted on me for approximately 6 hours and by the end of the 7th hour it had disappeared here and there on my waterline.

Smudge Proof: This claim is true! I usually use it on my lower and upper waterline. It didn’t budge despite my watery eyes, sweat or rubbing! That kind of made this kajal a sure shot winner for me!

Instructions on how to remove was given on the outer cover and yes ONLY use the Lakme Bi Phase Remover!! I tried using other removers but all in vain! Only the Lakme remover worked! Strange but true.


This is how it looks on my eyes. Sorry about the messy lashes. 🙁 There’s an FOTD of me wearing this over here.)

Final Word: Absolutely love the Lakme Eyeconic Kajal! Even on my watery eyes it lasted for 6  hours which is pretty good (don’t go by the 10 hour claim by the way!) and it is smudge proof! Overall, it is definitely an Iconic.. oops!! Eyeconic Kajal!