Know that YOU are Eating Healthy!

When I was in Law School, there was a saying: Justice must not only be done, but also be seen as being done. I think that applies just as well to something like eating healthy: it mustn’t just be done, but also ensured as being done (the right way).
So you spend a whole day running about, you’re tired, and you just want to grab a bite. You step into a store, see shelves and shelves of colourful packets and boxes. But you decide you don’t want the fat, so you pick an energy bar. And then you see that there’s an energy drink, so you reach out for it. Beside that bottle, you find something called Enhanced Water – and you think it’s probably a better option than the multiply-boiled water you drink at home. Finally, as you’re checking out, you find a low-fat peanut butter tub. Which you wind up buying.
Stop right there. What you have in your grocery bag as you walk out, is your own solution to ill-health.
Ditch that Energy Bar!

Energy bars claim to be healthy, with claims that they aid in weight loss or help build muscle.  But in reality, they do nothing of the sort. They are calorie bombs – effectively being candy bars with vitamins, protein or fiber being added. In most of them, sugar is a significant ingredient. If you simply must grab a bite for health’s sake, opt for fruits or vegetables for weight loss and yogurt. If you’re hiking a long distance and want a healthful, non-perishable calorie bomb, try nuts and dried fruit.
Chuck that low-fat peanut butter
Whatever be the kind of nut, the oils in it are its healthiest components. Taking out the oil does absolutely nothing advantageous, as it takes off the key health benefits. There is no harm in buying and eating normal peanut butter. Even the nuts themselves – about one or two ounces, can help you reduce heart disease and cancer risk.
There is NOTHING Enhanced in water!
So-called enhanced water is essentially nothing but a sugary drink with a vitamin pill in it. In the process of drinking this water, you might be getting too much of some vitamins and minerals, in addition to your dose of foods and other supplements. Water is perhaps the most natural drink – and has no fat content. So why do you want to erode the very essence of water?