Guest Post: Skincare Routine for Oily Skin

When I had done a post on My Skincare Routine (for Extremely Dry Skin), a few of you had mentioned that  it would be helpful if someone did one for oily skin too. So today, on the blog we have a guest post by Punam on her skincare routine for oily skin. Here’s what she has to say about herself: and her blog, Be Beautiful with Punam“Hello Divassence! readers! I am Punam from Be Beautiful with Punam.

I am an MBA by profession & wife of an orthopedic surgeon. The spark that drove me to  blog were the late night emergency patients in my husband’s hospital 🙂 kidding! 

I am here because of my love  to use different products, trying home remedies for myself and my baby who is one and half years old and then developing a review for it. So I thought of sharing these reviews with all, as a hobby.

My blog is a place where I share everything that makes me beautiful. So be beautiful with a lady, be beautiful with a mother, be beautiful with nature, and be beautiful to define, be beautiful & feel beautiful with Punam. “

Welcome to Divassence! Punam. Thank you for sharing your skincare routine with us. Now, over to Punam to explain her routine 🙂 

I have always hated my oily skin but that is probably because I never knew how I could take care of it. learned to understand it  and things that can work for it. And now I love it even more because it gave me the opportunity to be here in blogging world and to meet Divassence! and its lovely readers.

Here I am sharing my skin routine and few things that have helped me improve my skin. My skin routine is mixed with products and some simple ingredients that we all know but don’t incorporate them in our everyday skincare routine.

First of all, always choose products meant for your skin type and remember, you may need to change them as seasons change.

I start my skin care routine with cleansing and I use Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash for cleansing my skin twice daily and it works great for my oily skin. I believe in double cleansing so I first use raw milk at night and then use this face wash. This makes my skin feel softer. Okay,there have been days when I have ignored this (due to laziness) before going to bed and my skin always punishes me for this. So it is a step that cannot be ignored.

Then I am using Skinetica Anti-blemish Solution that actually helps to reduce acne and controls oil for the whole day. I skip toner these days since I have started using this. Earlier I used Fab India Tea Tree Toner..Actually I could never find a huge difference while using a toner but I observed the change in my pore size after using toner continuously for 6 months.

Coming to the most important aspect, Moisturizing:
Well I always skipped this part because of the general myth that I don’t need any moisturizer as I already have too much oil in my skin and it doesn’t feel dry.

But I was wrong, as we are using so many products that have number of chemical and are not only helping us controlling our oil but also reducing our natural lipids that will make our skin dry in long run. Our skin needs nourishment. The goal here is to hydrate your skin and to do that you don’t need to add oils. We just need a correct product.

So I use Rustic Art Aloe Vera Gel in morning .It hydrates my skin keeping it oil free and moisturized at the same time. And at night I use the Lakme Perfect Radiance Capsules. My skin absorbs this completely and improves my overall skin tone.

We all know how important it is to use sunscreen. I use Lotus Herbals 3in1 Matte Daily Sunblock SPF 40 UVA /UVB P+++ when I am not using make up otherwise it rolls down with the foundation and while using makeup I use the Neutrogena dDy Touch Sun Block. Both these sunscreens are amazing and never breaks my skin out while giving the much needed protection.

Eyes speak whats in the heart and I can’t ignore them because they are the most delicate darlings. Can you??

Nah.. I don’t know anyone who can!!
Well I started taking care of my eyes after delivering a baby, because during first two months she never slept whole night. Then at a very early stage of dark circles I started using Aroma Magic Almond Eye Gel. It worked well. I never prefer to use oils or cream under eye coz they may create milia(tiny white cyst ) under our eyes .So I always prefer light gels for this sensitive part of my skin.

Most of us ignore our lips but have you ever realized that the kind of glosses and lipsticks we are using everyday and then wiping it with make up removers strip the  natural moisture from our lips and cause pigmentation?  if I use lipsticks/gloss for one week continuously my natural lip color is neutral and not pink, so I prefer to use them as less as possible and use raw milk/beetroot to cleanse my lips everyday. This also removes dead skin and prevents tanning and brings out the natural color. I use some good home made lip balm to nourish them.

That’s all about my skin care routine. Following a simple skin care routine helps reduce my break outs and keeps it far better than it was earlier. There are few more things that I do once in a while to pamper my skin like applying face masks and  using wipes to keep it clean while travelling and exfoliating once in a week. (Remember don’t ever exfoliate while having break outs. Either skip exfoliation or skip affected area and don’t ever pick you pimples)

This is my routine with an effort to improve my skin for its betterment…Hope this helps you out too. 🙂