Get Inspired! Get Fit!: Workout Basics

So you’ve decided to work out to lose some weight! Awesome  There are many ways to work out, and plenty of logical solutions to keep in mind while you actually are working out. But before you get down to doing that, here are a few things you need to remember:

1. Warm up: Always make sure to warm up before you go into your workout. It saves your muscles the trauma of being forced to work suddenly, and also helps you avoid catches.

2. Never repeat your exercise every day: A regular exercise routine comprising the same workout – such as jogging everyday or doing the same choreography in an aerobics routine – will not help you lose weight. It instead, causes your body to reach a plateau where it is not challenged to burn fat, and, also causes repetitive stress injuries.

3. Alternate with cardio and strength, and take a day off each week: Never follow only cardio or only strength training. This will help your body lose weight and stay toned. Mix different forms in your work out, and finally, take one day off each week so that your muscles get a day off!

4. While working out, never gulp water in draughts: Drink water every 15 to 20 minutes during your workout, because you must prevent dehydration. But, it is also vital that you don’t gulp too much water, lest you find yourself with cramps and funny twists in your body. Sip it bit by bit, and take little at a time.

5. Never exercise when you are unwell!: Even if what you have is an ordinary cold, do not work out if you feel run down. Listen to your body and sit back when it wants you to rest. Don’t push yourself too hard in a work out – remember, your health is a priority!

6. Never workout on an empty stomach: It is important that you eat something before you workout – whether it is a biscuit or a fruit. An empty stomach on a workout might appear like an illusory path to losing weight, but, in reality, it does the opposite. It winds up making you hold onto your weight rather than shed it!

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