Drape Your Shape!: Part 2

So in my last post, I told you about the different body shapes and how you can identify them. I also spoke about the possible avenues you have, to dress in a way that augments your best features, while downplaying those things that are not quite your strengths. This post is going to take you through a couple of Hot(s) and Not(s) with some of the world’s most loved fashionista!
The Apple

Catherine Zeta Jones and Liz Hurley have accentuated their figures well with their dresses. Catherine’s dress has a neat boat neck that takes away from the width of her figure, while Liz Hurley uses cleavage to distract. But Jennifer Hudson’s gotten it all wrong, wearing a very tight fitting dress that looks like she’s about to burst. Tyra Banks might have thought smart, but the execution flopped as the use of layers makes her look wider than necessary.
The Hourglass
Who wouldn’t want to flaunt this figure if they had it? Drew Barrymore has a classy cut on her shoulder that builds on the narrow waistline. But Scarlett Johannson’s additional layer on the waist sends the figure into oblivion. Sophia Lauren gets the slim fit right, but Kelly Brook’s dress flops, as it makes her look very top-heavy.
The Pear
J Lo has gotten it all wrong! The extra fabric on either side of her hips adds too much volume to an already wide bottom. Beyonce’s show of cleavage may seem unnecessary, but with that ruffled tuft at the bottom and this oval cut, she distracts from her wide hips. Kelly Clarkson does a neat job with both her dresses, taking her shoulder as the center spot for all the attention. Though Shakira takes the same halter neck, the tightly fitting dress actually adds to the volume in her hips.
The Pencil
Cameron Diaz’s dress could have gone well if it narrowed down and bunched up better at the waist. Instead, it makes the waist continue flatly. Reese Witherspoon’s dress goes on the same lines. Keira Knightley’s makeup and hairstyle makes Jack Sparrow look better, but we love the way her dress has puff sleeves, an accentuated and designed collar, narrowing down perfectly. Gwyneth Paltrow’s deep neckline creates an illusion of a figure where there isn’t much of one!
The Inverted Triangle

Angelina Jolie has it perfect! Instead of going the clichéd route with only a narrow waistline, the red lapel on top looks lovely and takes attention away from her broad shoulders. Jessica Biel gets it wrong and right – the red carpet dress is a big no-no, as it makes her shoulder wider. But the black halter neck is just perfect. Charlize Theron, however, has it all wrong. The wide necked effect with the off shoulder outfit broadens her shoulder doubly.