Dove Elixir with Lavender and Olive Oil: Dryness Care: Review

“A hair oil is a hair oil whether you call it elixir or give it any other fancy name!!” argued my brother when I was showing off the Dove Hair Elixir to my mom as soon as I had bought it. Oh well!!  Although I hate to admit this, sometimes what he says is true just like it is in this case. 

Whether the Dove Hair Elixir is a hair oil or an elixir with essential oils let me tell you the packaging is
fancy-shmancy indeed! The precious hair oils (as Dove calls it) comes in a heavy glass container with a pump dispenser. It isn’t travel friendly but makes for a good display on your makeup shelf!!

The Dove Elixir comes in three variants:

  • Rose and Almond Oil for Hair Fall Rescue
  • Lavender and Olive Oil for Dryness Care
  • Hibiscus and Argon Oil for Nourished Shine

What Dove claims: 

Price: 185 INR for 90 ml 
The oil is perfumed and has the trademark Dove scent. I’m particularly not fond of it since it is extremely strong and overpowering. 
It has this lotus petal inside which seems unnecessary and it looks weird since it seems to be torn on the sides (or chomped off??). 

A pump dispenser is what the glass bottle comes with and there is a transparent plastic cap to protect the pump from dust and dirt and of course, leakage. I have extremely thick hair and I need to pump the oil out several times to get the amount I want.

This elixir works as a hair oil and as a leave in product. When used, it works wonders on my hair in the sense, it makes my soft and less frizzy and gives it a little shine  but when not used regularly my hair is extremely frizzy and dry. So it doesn’t have a long term effect but works only when used. The power of overnight oiling? Yes but without long term benefits. 

Final Verdict: This elixir doesn’t impress me as much as I would have liked it to (given its fancy name and packaging) but works as an everyday serum and for a hurried hair wash. If you are looking at  a product that protects your hair from dryness with long term benefits then I would say, your search continues..