Swatch Attack!: 6 Red Lipsticks for Christmas!

“I came out of the womb waving red lipstick” said actress and singer Rose McGowan and well, even if you weren’t born waving a red lipstick, there is always THE occasion to flaunt one!! Christmas is the time to bring out all your red lipsticks, glitter and flaunt it, in style. So here are my picks for you to flaunt this Christmas! 

Let me tell you, first and foremost that all of these are NOT pure red lipsticks. Well, there is a coral lipstick which leans towards a reddish orange, a orange with strong red undertones.. well… let’s just there is something for everyone! 😀 And the order of the swatches shown below is such that it starts off with the unusual choices and ends with the typical holiday reds! 

Swatch Attack: 6 Red Lipsticks for Christmas!

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