My Tryst With Bridal Makeup

Well, this being the 600th post on Divassence I had to write about something really special. I had asked for suggestions and the one I chose from them was my first ever experience at bridal makeup. Thank you all for your suggestions. I will be writing posts based on all the suggestions given so thank you once again 🙂
I had attended one of my closest friend’s wedding in Bangalore. Before I reveal her name, here is a picture and I am sure most of you who read this blog regularly would have already guessed who I’m talking about!

Airbrush In Style!

Quite like the name suggests, airbrush makeup is just makeup that is sprayed onto the skin directly, instead of using brushes, sponges and other equipment. Useful particularly for those in the limelight and those that are on the move, airbrush makeup is a perfect solution sometimes! The first ever time it was used was in 1959, in the film Ben Hur. With the advent of HD television and films, there is a greater demand for airbrush makeup.

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Swearing by it in style – Celebrities who use Mineral Makeup!

There are more celebrities than we know that swear by products we each have our sights set upon. Whether it is the clothes they choose to wear, or the makeup products they like to fall back on, or even the designers and hair care products they most like, the one focal point that sets purchases and splurges in motion is truly what a celebrity picks out of the repertoire of products in the market.
Celebrities who use Mineral Makeup!

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