Why i don’t do Haul Posts anymore.

First of all, sorry about being MIA. My internet connection, health and my work had completely messed up my life in the past few days. But that being said, I watched Les Miserables, went to the newly opened Pheonix Mall in Chennai (post on that coming up!) and slept, slept and slept.Coming back to today’s post, let’s just say, I haven’t written this to offend anyone or pinpoint anything. Many of you might agree with me and many of you might not and find my reasoning silly but it is purely my opinion. I felt I had to do this post to tell those of you who had asked me to do haul posts in the feedback form why I don’t do them anymore.

First of all, I USED to do haul posts with just one intent- to show my readers the things I bought and if there is anything from that they want to buy and are waiting for a review, to let me know that and nothing more. People took this in another way. I used to get sarcastic and indirect comments on what a show off I was.

A picture from one of my previous haul posts

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When Two Blush Lovers meet..

What happens when two bloggers, makeup lovers especially blush lovers get to spend the whole day shopping, chatting and eating :P? Read on to know the crazy story!
Remember how I excited I was because Zara aka Zee had planned a trip to Chennai and I had been saving to go shopping with her? (those on my fb friends list would have definitely known about this!) 😀 Well, the day finally arrived on the 19th of June and we had a blast!
Zee came to my place from the airport and as soon as she stepped in, I raided her makeup kit!! And guess what I found? 😉
Zee’s travel makeup kit.. RAIDED!!

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Pink Passion!

Corals, oranges, peaches!! Where do I begin! My favourite colors!! But oh yes! This post is completely dedicated to Pink! Don’t get me wrong but I do occasionally look beyond corals and oranges and give importance to my pinks. I have a wedding to attend tomorrow and I was pulling out all my makeup products in pink and I thought why not do a post on it and here it is!
I won’t write much. Enjoy the pictures and leave your comments below 🙂
My current favourite lipbalm: Nivea Fruity Shine Lipbalm in Pink Guava: Smells divine! i also love the light pink tint it gives to the lips. Love love love it!! :X

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