Bourjois eyeliner(s): Review and Swatches

When I stepped into Lifestyle last weekend I headed straight to the Bourjois counter to buy a kabuki brush. But when I saw my first and only true love (Yes! Eyeliners, kaajals/kohls are always my first love!) I couldn’t resist not buying them! I would have bought them all if I had the money to!! Sigh!! Take a look at the number of eye pencils at the counter!! I literally died and went to heaven which was filled with eyeliners! 😀

After about a million swatches and me cribbing that I wanted everything and couldn’t choose from the lot, I ended up buying two of them which were
  1. Regard Effet Metallise in 78 Blue Chatoyant  (It is not actually blue! It looks like purple from all angles!)
  2. Contour Clubbing Waterproof in 41 Black Party
  3. And I got a mini bourjois Colour Exciting Eyeliner in number 06 which is a brownish olive green eyeliner with gold shimmer free because I purchased Bourjois products for 1000 bucks



  • Very creamy and glides on eyes without any tugging or pulling
  • Pigmented and looks lovely on the eyes
  • Staying power of  bleu chatoyant on the on the waterline is good. It has a metallic touch to it which I love.
  • As eyeliners both are really good
  • The black one is really good for a smokey eye look as it is easily blendable


  • Have to use it very carefully because of its creamy formulation otherwise there is a tendency for it to break
  • The staying power of the black one on the waterline is not great. I looked like a racoon at the end of the day!
  • The black one did sting a little for me when I used it on my waterline but then again this varies from one person to another

Overall, I like the two eye pencils I got and would love to explore the other colours!
Price: Rs 335
Available at: Lifestyle 
And here is some more information I would like to leave you guys with.
Bourjois is derived from the word bourgeois which means:
  1. A person belonging to the middle class.
  2. A person whose attitudes and behavior are marked by conformity to the standards and conventions of the middle class.
  3. In Marxist theory, a member of the property-owning class; a capitalist.
  4. Of, relating to, or typical of the middle class.
  5. Held to be preoccupied with respectability and material values.

Which is your favourite Bourjois product? And have you used any of these eyeliners before? Do leave your comments below!