Bagging it right!

By Kirthi Jayakumar

What do you need a bag for? To keep everything you need, of course.

And what’s everything you need? A purse, some loose change, a hair brush, some deodorant, make-up, a small bottle of water, a notebook, a pen, a cell-phone and maybe its charger. And then, you know. Stuff.
So any bag should do, right? Yeah I guess.


When it comes to handbags, there’s actually a way to get them right. While all kinds of bags can look absolutely darling and charming and all of that, not every bag suits everyone. Yes indeed, you read right! There’s a way to choosing bags, and a way to ensure that you look stylish with the bag you pick! Generally, the opposite shape of your body type as the shape for your bag is the most flattering.

If you are tall and thin…
Be sure to pick handbags that are short and slouchy in shape, something like a hobo. Don’t use shoulder bags with short straps, because they might wind up making you look taller than you already are. Use bags that are wider than longer, and whenever you can, opt for a clutch!

If you are petite framed… 
Do not use an oversized bag! Although it’s what most people think works for small made women, oversized bags overwhelm your size and frame. Don’t use long strapped bags either – because they might wind up making you look shorter. Shoulder strapped bags and bags longer than wider work best.

If you are plus-sized…
Make sure to use either a structured or a box-shaped bag to go well with your curves. Be sure not to pick bags that are small, because it might make your frame look larger. If you like patterned bags, use one with large prints and patterns, rather than small prints.

It doesn’t matter what your body shape is like if…
You’re looking to pick a clutch, backpack, handheld bag, a tote, a duffel, a wristlet and an evening bag! You’re good to go if you team it well with your outfit!