Avon Simply Pretty lipsticks: Review and Swatches

Being an Avon representative, I cannot stop myself from buying products (with an excuse that since I’m a rep I need to try and test the products before recommending it to others!) each month. But these three lipsticks which I’m going to review were one of my first purchases from Avon much before I became a representative. 
I wasn’t totally impressed with the lipsticks but I love the colours!
 From L to R:  Firecracker, Pink Rose, Rosy Kiss

 I love these colours! Rosy Kiss is a coral pink color with more of pink dominating the shade. Firecracker is an orange color with a golden tint to it. It also has very small gold glitter particles which add to the shimmer factor. (How much ever I tried capturing this particular colour with or without flash, the colour shown in the photos here is the nearest to the original shade) Pink Rose is a pleasant pink which is suitable for all skin tones.
My likes about this product:
  • I love the shades in the Simply Pretty collection. The colours are pleasing and suitable for Indian skin tones.
  • The lipsticks are extremely affordable. Avon always has some offer or the other on lipsticks so you can experiment with various shades, mix them to create new shades, add your non-tinted lip balms to them and make it more moisturizing and even if you go wrong somewhere you won’t feel guilty of wasting too much money (although you may regret wasting such a beautiful colour!)

And the dislikes:
  • The lipstick has an extremely drying effect on the lips. What I usually do is to exfoliate my lips, apply lipbalm and then apply this lipstick. That way the color looks beautiful otherwise it looks really bad when your lips are not smooth enough for application. 
  • Very poor staying power: These lipsticks have very poor staying power and unless I use a same color lipgloss over it doesn’t stay beyond two hours. Needs to be reapplied often.
  • Can be bought only through Avon representatives. I became an Avon representative only because I can order whatever I want for myself and not rely on a rep all the time. Unless you have a representative who keeps you updated on the latest colours, hands out samples and keeps you updated on the new launches and what the offers are for each month it is very difficult to buy Avon products.

From top to bottom: Rosy Kiss, Firecracker and Pink Rose

Tip: The swatches shown in the brochure can be very misleading most of the time. When you purchase a lipstick the colour may not be exactly the same as what you saw in the brochure. So one general tip or advice I would give before purchasing an Avon product is to ask your rep or read reviews online and see swatches and then buy.
Avon has re-launched its Simply Pretty collection with improved formulations and a wider range of colors and improved packaging. Brochure 10 has all the details which you can check here. Avon Simply Pretty lipsticks are on offer now (2 for Rs 179) till October 1st. (The offer continues in Brochure 11 too with 7 new shimmer shades!)

Written by Deepika Mohan for Divassence!

Which one out these three shades is your favourite?  Have you tried any lipstick from the Simply Pretty Collection? Leave your comments below!