Avon Simply Pretty BB Cream: N*de: Review/Swatch

Hellos! How are you all? Well, sorry about being MIA for a while now. There was plenty to do at work and I had made a short trip to Bangalore for Janani’s wedding. Now I’m back to doing what I love best, blogging. 🙂 

Today’s review is that of a product that has, I would say, disappointed me in various aspects and it is more of a rant post than an actual review. Read on to find out! 
Avon Simply Pretty BB Cream: N*de: Review/Swatch


What is it? An 8-in-1 BB cream from Avon

Price and Quantity: 249 INR for 18 gms (usually available on a discount for 199 INR)

Ingredients: Not mentioned

What the company claims:

  • 8-1 Miracles in 1 cream 
  • Brightens
  • Enhances
  • Hydrates
  • Evens Tone
  • Mattifies
  • Conceals Spots
  • Conceal Redness
  • Conceals Pores
  • Contains Shea Butter which is known to lock in skin moisture
  • Contains Vitamin C  which whitens skin
  • Minimizes the look of blemishes
  • Can be used as a foundation
  • Won’t clog pores
  • Dermatologically tested
Avon Simply Pretty BB Cream: N*de: Review/Swatch
Packaging: The BB Cream comes in a light pink tube with a white cap and a tiny nozzle through which the cream is dispensed. 

Shades available: Light and N*ude; I have N*ude which is a pale pinkish white cream.  

Coverage: Coverage-wise the BB Cream does nothing. It does not conceal blemishes, dark spots, pigmentation. Nil. It conceals redness very very slightly. Does it even out skin tone? NO. Instead it gives the face a white cast which reduces a little when blended. 

Avon Simply Pretty BB Cream: N*de: Review/Swatch
Texture/Finish: The finish is a matte finish (finally something that is true to the claim!) and would suit girls with oily skin. I have dry skin so ineed to apply a really a heavy moisturizer before I use this since the matte finish isn’t smooth as such. The cream is pretty thick in terms of consistency. 

How is it best applied?: It is best applied by one hand and blended by both the hands! Make sure you have enough energy to blend, blend and blend! 

Staying Power: It hardly stayed on for about 3 hours and then along with the whitish cast, my skin looked like how it does without any base makeup. 

I haven’t had the problem of clogged pores due to a foundation/BB Cream since I have very dry skin and I have really small pores. Looking at the consistency and texture I’m guessing it might do so for those of you who have large pores. 


  • Nothing apart from the price! But I would say Garnier BB Cream is definitely better than this and the smaller tube of that comes at 99 INR!


  • Leaves a white cast on your face which looks ghostly! 
  • Does not conceal spots, blemishes and pigmentation
  • Does not blend at all 
  • The rough matte finish might not suit girls with dry skin
  • There are only two shades and both aren’t appropriate matches for Indian skintones. 
Avon Simply Pretty BB Cream: N*de: Review/Swatch
Rating: 1/5

Final Word: One of the not-so-good BB creams that I have tried so far. Would advise you to skip it!