As Beautiful As Your Work: My Inspiration!

Kirthi Jayakumar needs no introduction. You must be knowing her by now. She writes for Divassence and her articles are least to say, witty, hilarious and informative. But there is more to her than just that. Apart from being a multitasker, she has achieved greatness in everything she has done.  She is beautiful in so many different ways and has broken each and every stereotypical image that is associated with a woman! There is definitely a thing or two to learn from her! She is definitely my Mia! 🙂

Kirthi has been a good friend of mine since we were in Class 2. LKG to Class 1 we were “enemies”  and we used to have fights as to whether Section A was better or Section B. And then when I moved to Section B in Class 2, we became friends and as the years went past, we grew up together, shared our best and worst moments and she has always stood by me. Academically she was a topper and the most brilliant student in class. Her grades were the envy of many of the others back in school and her hardwork inspired me to slog to achieve atleast half of what she did. Kirthi and I never belonged to the “cool group” and we were the supposed nerds but she taught me how to get past that and live for what I believe in.

Kirthi went on to do law. She excelled in that too. I wasn’t surprised, since she had an amazing fighting spirit and braved through many issues back in college which is a quality that I learnt from her. Even today, I’m inspired by her fighting spirit and whenever I’m ready to give up on something, I take a moment to think about the path she has come through.

Now, like I mentioned earlier she is  the most efficient multitasker I’ve ever met. After college, she went on to work with the UN, fought for Women and Children Rights and won the U.S. Presidential Service Award. She also graduated from the United States Institute of Peace this year. This is just to name a few of her achievements. I’m completely in awe of her!!

Apart from that, she has worked with various lifestyle magazines like Femina and Ritz. This, to me  reflected her versitality when it came to various professions and how much time and hardwork she puts into whatever she does. Probably an author could take a cue and write a self-help book based on her excellent time management skills! (And apart from this she writes for Divassence and I’m extremely proud of that!) 🙂

She is also the Founder of  the Red Elephant Foundation which is an initiative to promote women in a positive light and bring to light the achievements of women from various walks of life. The foundation also seeks to bring awareness to the various social stigmas attached to women and equip women with adequate knowledge to protect and fight for themselves.

Kirthi  has inspired me in many ways and I keep telling her that whenever I get a chance to. I look up to her and her incredible fighting spirit keeps me going. Did I mention she has an amazing sense of humor?  Read

The Hairy Adventures of Brad Pitt and you’ll know what I’m talking about!! 

I’m honoured to write about Kirthi and this contest has given me an opportunity to tell you guys how wonderful she is! Happy Friendship Day to you, Kirthi. 🙂 Although her journey sounds like a bed of roses, trust me, there have been more thorns in her life than roses. She has experienced  enormous hardships in her life and has time and again risen and grown from them.

Wishing the rest of you a very Happy Friendship Day and hope this reminds you of someone who is as beautiful as their work! 🙂

This article is my entry for the Bloggers Contest by Tanishq – As Beautiful As Your Work