Win 40 Anne French Tender Care Packs: 10 Winners Per Week: WEEK 3 WINNERS

TGIM! I’m loving Mondays especially in the past three weeks since I get to announce 10 winners for the Anne French Weekly contest! There isn’t anything that feels as good as making someone’s day especially on a Monday morning!!

The answer for WEEK 3 question is 14+ year old. Here is the list of winners:

  1. Sonam
  2. Priyanka Lodha
  3. Priya Talwar
  4. Sonal Sukhrani
  5. Taniya Ulfat
  6. Aayushi Saxena
  7. Deepika Panwar
  8. Saloni Goel 
  9. Bipasha 
  10. Bidisha Banerjee 
Congrats winners! A mail will be sent to you tonight, please respond to the mail within 24 hours.
And the weekly contest continues! WEEK 4 question coming up in sometime!