Vivo Nail Blast: Thunder & Brightest Pink: Review/Swatches

By Nids

Description: Transform your nails with a Blast with our amazing crackle top coat.
Simply paint your nails with your chosen nail shade, once this has dried apply one coat of Nail Blast and see it transform – nail art made easy!

Price: 2.49£ for 6.9ml 
Package: The glass bottles with the textured cap to show the effect is cute and easy to locate. The brush applicators are small and do not give a very tidy application. The entire required ingredients list is mentioned on the bottle itself.
My experience using the VIVO crackle nail paints:
Using crackle nail paints happen to be one of the quickest and easiest ways of doing a nail art on your own. VIVO offers a nice collection of shades in this range of nail paints. And as a part of my recent small haul from VIVO, I ordered 2 of these. But I am not quite  impressed with these.

Shades: ‘Thunder’ is dark matte black crackle nail paint while ‘Brightest Pink’ as the name suggests is a vivid pink crackle nail paint. 

Consistency: Here is where the problem arises. The consistency of both these nail paints vary. Thunder being quite thick can be hard to apply neatly while the Brightest Pink on the other hand, is a bit runny in terms of consistency. It can be applied neatly but just don’t expect the resulting shade to be the shade described. It applies as more of a sheer red color on the nails . 



The crackle effect these nail paints give is really good. They dry out quickly and leave a nice crackle on the nails within seconds of application. But due to the texture, I am not impressed with these. I find the application messy and the pink color is hardly visible. 

Pigmentation: Thunder is pigmented and gives nice crackle effect. Brightest Pink is sheer and obviously you can’t layer it to achieve the needed result. The best pigmentation comes if you apply a thick coat of the nail paint and also take care of the “being neat in application” part. 

They stay on the nails for just 2-3 days without a top coat. Layering a top coat on Brightest Pink  changes the color itself so I avoid doing that.




  • Inexpensive
  • Dries quickly 
  • Gives a good crackle effect within seconds of application.
  • A good choice of shades provided by the brand.


  • Varied texture of both the nail paints. One is too thick and other, too thin
  • The brush applicator is not of good quality and not convenient for use.
  • Brightest Pink is sheer. 
  • Staying power could have been better.
  • Layering Brightest Pink  with a top coat changes the color itself.
  • Availability; Not available in India. Needs to be ordered from the VIVO site. 


Ratings: 2.5/5

Final Word: I prefer Thunder over Brightest Pink. These can be skipped unless you have a soft corner for crackle nail paints and are in a desperate need of a variety of colors!