VIVO Color Stain Lip Crayon: Wide Awake: Review/Swatch/FOTD

My niece constantly goes on and on about (threatening is the more appropriate word here! :D) how she wants to inherit my makeup, jewellery and clothes.Her reason being, I’ll never fit into my old clothes (she pictures me to be this huge balloon!!) and that I won’t wear bright bold makeup when I grow old. Even if I agree to the first one, I would never agree to the second part of it!! Me?? Sacrificing my bright lipsticks and bold blushers?? No way! But when I bought this pink lip crayon from VIVO, and I came to terms with the fact that I love this color on me, it got me thinking… AM I really growing old?


Packaging: The name says it all! What’s with brands and their crayon obsession? Anyway, they are easy to use so I have no complaints here! 
Color: The color is a soft mauve-y blue based pink which makes the face look fresh and alive when used. I love pairing it with a blue liner on my eyes. 



The crayon glides on smoothly on the lips and there is no tugging or pulling or any discomfort while application whatsoever. It does not set to a matte finish but looks quite glossy and feels creamy even after an hour of application. 
The lip crayon as such is creamy and melts (blame the Chennai heat!!) but is not as bad the MUA Power Pouts which melts faster than an ice cube!! 



The crayon gives you a medium coverage in terms of color in 2 swipes (if your lips are slightly pigmented that is!) and is much better than the MUA Power Pouts in terms of coverage (will do a comparison of a similar color from the MUA range) 



The color lasted on me for about 4 hours without any food. I had sips of water and I could see impressions of my lips on the glass thanks to the super creamy lipstick. So that is a pain. I wouldn’t call this one a lip stain, it is more like a tinted lip balm. 
After 4 hours the color was slightly visible which definitely called for a reapplication. 
The lipstick (lip crayon?) has this strong mint scent and also feels cool when applied on the lips. Revlon Kissable Balm Stain and MUA Power Pouts  have the exact same scent. 



Final Word: Overall, I would say this lip crayon is worth a try, especially this color. Do not go for it expecting it to give you a stain-like finish. It is more like a tinted lip balm but with good pigmentation.