The Side-Effects of Meeting a Blogger Friend… HAUL!!

 By Ghayathri

Hello friends!

Hope all of you are having a good day  This is not a review post, this is not entirely a haul post either 😛 Deepika gets to post weekly updates every week under Weekly Ramblings and I’m snagging a similar opportunity today, just once 😛 Although I’ve been blogging for over a year at Divassence, I have never met Deepika even though we live in the same city (unbelievable, I know :P), both of us assumed that the other was a very reserved kind of person but recently the truth came to light and we both realized that we both belong to the same category – chatterbox 😛

We decided to meet (atlast!) and chat (what else is there to do?!), and shop a bit (just a bit!) and one of us went bankrupt (me, obviously!) while the other did not shop at all (now that was kind of annoying at the end of the day, looking at Deeps walk freely with a huge smile on her face while I had my hands full of bags and my purse empty, I should definitely start learning the art of self-control 😛 )
What I planned on buying : One kurtha at Westside (Yup, just ONE, that was my plan)

What I bought :
2 kurtas at Westside (Loved the colours! And needless to say, my above said plan failed at the first shop itself, pathetic :-/) 
Salwar and Dupatta from Fabindia (These two are simple and would go well with a lot of kurthas, including the two I got at Westside  )
Skincare : Hand and nail cream from Mark & Spencers (Got this on Deepika’s recco!) and Avocado facewash from Fabindia (Deepika was reading the description on the facewash aloud as “excellent for dry skin…” and I grabbed it from her and placed it on billing counter 😛 )
My First MAC Lipstick (yayyyyyyy!!) in the shade Lady Danger (who would have thought that a n*de and pink lover like me would get Lady Danger as my first MAC lippy? That’s the effect of joining the beauty blogging world I guess 😛 ) I have already worn it twice and am head over heels in love with it. I finished my MAC shopping in 5 minutes flat! Tried Vegas Volt, So Chaud and Lady Danger, picked Lady Danger and walked out before I could get tempted into picking something else (I also have my eyes set on Velvet Teddy and Speak Louder, will grab those next time). The SA who attended to us at the MAC store in EA should be taught how to smile, she reminded me of one of my smile-deprived college prof! :-/ Anyway, just look at the shade!! <3

Also, Deepika gifted me this neon-pink clutch, loving it a lot, thank you Deeps!! <3 
Last but not the least, our pics 😀 (More food pics will be shared in Weekly Ramblings 😀 ) 

Had a great chatty day (now that’s what I call an understatement :P)and although this wasn’t a big haul, it was just an excuse for me to write a fun post and justify it to Deeps “But I did haul right? Small or huge, a haul is a haul and I SHOULD write a post, right? ” 😛 Feels great to start a post without the usual “Today I will be reviewing….” line (Now I know why Deeps loves writing Weekly Ramblings) 😛 😀

P.S : We have a lengthy list of many interesting segments lined up for the blog, watch out!! Divassence! is gearing up to reach new heights, am so happy to be a part of this 

P.P.S : Do you have any suggestions for the blog? Any segments that you want us to start? Let us know in the comments below or shoot us a message in our contact page, we love listening to our readers and blogger friends 

P.P.P.S : Kindly excuse the bad backgrounds in the haul pics, I was clicking those in a hurry, if I get to write a fun post again, I assure you that the pics would be a lot more creative and neat!