Swatch Directory: Lakme Eye Shadow Crayons and 9 to 5 Lip Liners

I certainly love window shopping, it makes me happy. Just window shopping. Costs no money just a lot of patience. It was on a similar trip to a local beauty store that I found these beauties. They were so pretty and oh so beautiful. Then I asked for the price and made a blunder. 😉

Presenting the newly launched Lakme Absolute eye shadow crayons and Lakme 9-5 lip liners.

Lakme Eye shadow crayons : They come in 8 gorgeous creamy colors and are priced at Rs.750. Tad expensive and look at the colors and you may not really say its worth it. The SA tried it on me and I was mighty impressed. Lets see now.

Purple and Blue: Purple is a true purple color which looks so awesome when worn. I am planning on getting this one.  Blue seems a misnomer. Its not blue but a burnt, dirty gray-tint blue. Darkest shade in the range and looks pretty. Will work for a stunning smokey eyes.

Grey and Bronze:  Grey is a shimmery steel gray color. It is again a pretty one but the shimmers disperse and thus makes it difficult to blend. Bronze was love at first sight. Sheen-y, easily blends and highly recommended.

White and Turquoise: White is a plain white color. Very light on pigmentation and if super blended it vanishes to nothingness. Perfect for brow bone highlighting.Turquoise is a bright sheer turquoise color. Not much shimmers and blends well. However this color is not for faint-hearted and eye makeup novice.

Pink and Olive: Pink is white with a hint of pink. Better pigmented than white. Too bright for my liking but you might want to try these at store and buy. Olive is a dull true olive color. Lovely color and another heart stealer. For a true green fan like me, this color is a must have.

Here are all the swatches together:

Lakme 9-5 Office Collection Lip Liners: These were launched a fortnight ago and come is 5 colors and cost Rs.350. They are creamy and easy to wear. But they come off easily. So I have no idea of their wear-time. Here they are:

Red Alert and Fine Wine: Red Alert is a fire engine red. It can be worn alone as a lip color. So intensely pigmented and bright. 

Fine Wine is a frosty mauve color. Frosty but wearable. It will suit fair skin tones.

Pink Blush, Brick Rose and Beige Pink: Pink Blush is a blue based shimmery pink color. Lovely color. And will become a universal favorite.

Brick rose is a flesh toned color. Apparently this is the lip liner for peach and coral lipsticks. Might work. Might not work. Do let me know.

Beige pink is for neutral skin colored lipsticks. Its a salmon shade. Least pigmented and a little hard to use.

All swatches together:

My pick from eye crayons are Bronze, Olive and purple and lip liners is Red Alert.

What about you? Which of these will you pick? Let us know.

Until next time!!