Space-Wise: DIY – Jewelry Storage Safe

By Rekha (Entry #8)

This is a fun DIY craft project  The inspiration behind this was my cupboard safe 😀

This is a an easy way of converting your packing box from this,

To this 😀

So let’s get started with the tutorial,

Products needed:
Scissors, Ruler/Scale, Crafts Knife, Marker, Cotton swabs/buds, Empty nail polishes, Cellophane tape, Glue stick, Glue/Adhesive, A coin, White papers

An empty box

Color papers

Thermocole and Pins

Cut and remove both the smaller openings of the box as shown below,

Measure the inner width of the box and cut the thermocole based on the measurements. Make sure the thermocole fit tightly inside the box as shown below,

Use white sheets and stick them at the inner sides of the box as shown below,

Cover the thermocole with color paper and fit it tightly inside the box as shown below,

Cover the box with color paper from all the sides as shown below,

Now we need to prepare the nut & bolt for our safe 😛 remember we had cut the smaller openings before, use the coin and cut along the shape of the coin (this will be our nut :P), we need 10 or more similar pieces. Also cut a small rectangular piece as shown below,

Now cut the brush from the nail polish applicator as shown below, this will be our bolt 😀

Now this is how we fix our nut and bolt 😀

Pierce a hole on one opening side of the box (in our case the right side) as shown below, Insert our bolt inside the hole and apply some fevicol to the nut and insert the same from the other side  that’s it now our handle for the safe is ready

In order to make the locks, repeat the same procedure at the other side (left side in our case), but this time the bolt will be our half cut cotton swab as shown in the below pic,

Use one nut, the rectangular piece, another nut piece to one side and just a nut piece in the other side. Apply fevicol only to the last nut piece, this way we want the rectangular piece to move 360 degrees freely as shown below, This will act as a latch for our safe

Use the same bolt-nut-swab combination (except rectangular piece) in the right side opening, next to our handle, this will be our lock  The latch on the left side would sit in this lock as shown below,

Once everything is set, apply a nail polish similar to the wall paper color and let it dry  In our case I have used a brown nail polish

Now fix the pins on the thermocole based on your requirement and hang your jewelry in the pins as shown below

That’s it guys an easy DIY jewelry safe is ready

Hope you all enjoyed this fun tutorial, next time when you get a package box do try this idea and when you try, do share us the picture 🙂