Revlon Kohl Kajal: 011 Black: Review/Swatch/EOTD

By Janani

Hello Lovelies,


Eyes. They come in different shapes, different colors and different sizes. But one thing is common, eyes are a beauty spot in themselves. And we Indians, have a long standing tradition of enhancing the beauty of our eyes with thick sooty black kohls.


Back in the day, I remember my grandmother making surma and applying it on my eyes. Today the same is available in so many varieties that we are spoilt for choice. So this festive month we have something special for you. We have a special series called the “Kohl Kompany” where we are reviewing the most commonly available kohls in India.  


Kohl Kompany Edition 1 : Revlon Kohl Kajal.


It was on a regular visit to H&G store that I found this pretty thing sitting demurely and lady-like in a corner. I was afraid the SA would say that these cost 400-500 (It’s Revlon !!!), but when she told me that these cost below 200, I billed it right there.


Revlon Kohl Kajal comes in a sealed package containing one pencil with golden REVLON embossing on the pencil which actually appeals to my sense of style. The pencil shaped kohl has a cap which shuts tight, so this one is travel safe. 🙂


I have a personal preference to twist-up eye pencils so this bothers me a bit because you need to sharpen it. That’s wastage of product.


Price: 199/- for 1.15g of the product is quite a steal considering this is Revlon 🙂


Lets talk about the kohl now, shall we ? What they claim and what they do..

It is a mid-black , decently pigmented matte finish kohl pencil which seems to ooze out oils midway  :((. Here is what happened. I tried it on and after 45 min, I had developed panda eyes. On my dry lids, most eye pencils don’t smudge. This one not only smudged, it spread too .. 🙁


The pencil as such is creamy (maybe that’s why it smudges a lot), and so it should glide on the skin but this one is streaky. It deposits either way too much product or nothing at all and streaky application is not something I tolerate from any of my products. 🙁 :@ and the swatches show that ..


True that, this one can do the job of tightlining, but when it smudges, why would I even use it near the tear duct ?? Baffles me you know !!!


All my hopes have gone. If you use this kohl kajal, make sure that you dab it with black eye shadow and set it well but even after that, there are good chances of you getting panda eyes. What a big bummer this one !!! :’(


I would not buy it again for the following reasons:
  • Not the blackest of black color
  • Staying power … Not impressive in the least.
  • Sharpening will waste product
  • Smudging + spreading = panda eyes
  • Streaky application


Disappointed with this one. But I hope this series will move from a bad product to a good product.


Until the next edition of Kohl Kompany,


Ciao 🙂