Parachute Advansed Deep Nourish Lotion for Extra Dry Skin: Review

For me Parachute is synonymous with coconut oil. And I’m not the only one. Infact even in a tamil movie, there was a dialogue which was a play on the word Parachute (a dialogue between an airhostess who assures the passenger that a parachute would be given to them in case of an emergency and the passenger showing his concern about what he would do with a coconut oil during emergency! :P) . So down south, coconut oil is always associated with Parachute and that’s what it is famous for. When I came to know about the Parachute Advansed Lotion, I had to give it a try to see if it would break my stereotypical image of Parachute. 

Price: 59 INR for 100ml

There is also a “dry skin variant” available.


I bought the Deep Nourish Lotion for Extreme Dry Skin and I did not have any expectation when I bought this. My image of a lotion from Parachute was a lotion with a strong scent of coconut. But the lotion totally surprised me to quite an extent!!

Packaging: The lotion comes in a plastic bottle with a flip open cap. The shape of the tube or bottle or whatever it is, is like that of a curvy figure! Holding it feels like holding a Filmfare Award in the literal sense!

Fragrance: It has that musk scent (you know the ones you find in those hotel soaps) but also has this mild coconut scent to it. And the coconut scent dominates the plain boring musk scent after a while.

First, let me start off with all the good points and then move on to the not so good aspects. The lotion is very light and blends into the skin with minimal effort. The fragrance, although initially a little strong for my liking fades away to a pleasant coconut scent.

The lotion does not disappoint when it comes to the moisturizing aspect. The lotion is a water based lotion and is neither too runny nor creamy. It doesn’t feel sticky and my skin feels hydrated and soft when used.

Now to the not so good aspects. Although the lotion is light and it seems to be doing it work well, my skin feels deprived of the goodness (boohoo!) in less than an hour and a half. So reapplication every hour and a half is necessary if you have really dry skin. In my opinion, this would last longer on normal skin.

Secondly I did not like the packaging at all!! Although the tube looks fancy shmancy in terms of the shape, when it comes to using up the product completely and squeezing out the lotion from the tube, this has to be the most ineffective packaging ever! When you finish half the tube (or bottle or whatever! seriously!) all you get is a porrrrr sound (air and more air!!) for about 4-5 times when the tube is squeezed and just when you think enough is enough.. plop! out comes a weeee little lotion enough for your wrist! 😛

Final Word: If you have the patience to reapply a lotion every hour and a half and have a battle with the bottle/tube every morning then do get this one! It is one of the better effective, hydrating lotions available in the Indian market for dry skin. And even if you have normal to dry skin do get this variant only.