NYX Girls Nail Polish in Carnival: Review and Swatches


How did Christmas go for you guys? Mine was fantastic and i decided I would add to the festive spirit by painting my nails with the NYX Girls Carnival which also added some glitter to my look. 

NYX Girls Carnival got me all excited the moment i saw it! Talking about getting turned on by a nailpolish 😛 I bought it from the Stylecraze sale at Rs 158 for 10 ml.

I have always wanted a chunky glitter nailpolish for a really long time and finally bought this one. 

NYX Girls nail polish in Carnival is a combination of hexagonal and circle chunky glitter particles in the following colors: green, silver, pink, blue, red, orange and yellow. 

I dabbed on some glitter on my fingertips for the messy yet fun look for Christmas. 

I needed three coats of the glitter nail polish to achieve this look and the worst part is it does not dry quickly. It takes ages to dry and one needs to be careful while applying two three coats of glitter since the glitter from the previous coat shouldn’t be disturbed (a pain I tell you!). So the drying time is a big drawback according to me.

Secondly I needed to apply three layers of topcoat to get a smooth finish. The bumpiness is hard to avoid since you need a lot of coats of the glitter nail polish to get enough glitter on your nails. Even though the nail polish is thick in consistency (and that’s why it takes ages to dry btw!), while applying there seems to be very little glitter that actually gets transferred on your nails.

Overall I’m not a great fan of this nail polish and would probably use it for layering the next time and see how that works. 🙂 I would give this one a 3/5

Do leave your suggestions on how i can make this nail polish work for me and if you would like to see any particular color on which it can be layered 🙂