My Lipbalm Collection! +Swatches

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Hello ladies!!

Winter is here and I am sure all of you will have your lip balms ready to fight the chapped lips! So here is my lip balm collection and a few lines about my experience with each one of them.

I have classified my balms into tinted and non tinted ones. Let us see the non tinted ones first.

Avon Naturals honey lip balm: These were newly launched in their previous catalogue. My strawberry lip balm was over and so I got this. I thought this would have honey smell as it was named “honey” lip balm, but it has a coconut + vanilla smell. I am ok with the smell, but some might find it overpowering. As far as the moisturization is concerned, it does a pretty decent job. There is no taste to it. Price :  Rs.99

Avon simply pretty fruit shine lip jelly: I got this one a while back just because it came in fruity flavours. It smells of melon and tastes sweet. I found this a little hard to apply on lips (some pressure is required to get it on lips). I guess that is because it is a lip jelly and not a balm. I feel I have something on my lips after applying this and it is a little sticky.  Price : Rs.69

EOS lip balm in summer fruit and lemon drop: This is an awesome lip balm. One of my colleagues got this from USA. I love love love this one! It has a cute & unique packaging and does an awesome job on lips. This makes my lips soft and also smells and tastes good. You can see how crazy I am about this product by the number of back ups that I have 😉 I would recommend this to all ladies and will keep repurchasing this as and when I can. Price : $3.49 

Avon naturals in strawberry: The first Avon product which I used was their naturals lip balm in strawberry. And I fell in love with the product and so started my relationship with Avon products. It has a beautiful strawberry smell and tastes good. It moisturizes my lips very well  Price : Rs.69 ( not very sure, as I got it from the shop and not the rep )

Maybelline lip smooth color in rose red: I got this for its smell, but I am not happy with this. This has a very bad taste and I don’t like the feel of it on my lips. I don’t know if it is this particular shade or the entire range is like this. Price : Rs.99

Lipice sheer color changing lip balm: This was a craze when it was launched, and I too went crazy over it and got it. I like the concept of the color changing. The color changes to a pinkish fuschia and remains like a stain on lips. The only problem with this is it is very drying. So one can top it off with a clear gloss. Price : Rs. 179

Oriflame very me lip gloss: This is an almost colorless lip balm. Though it shows as a funky purple color in the swatch, it goes transparent on lips. It has a minty + fruity smell. Price : Rs.89

Avon simply pretty shiny liquid lip gloss: I got this as a gift. Its an awesome smelling gloss. Its thick and gives a mild red tint. Perfect for office wear. I love this gloss.  Price : Don’t know  

Maybelline watershine lipstick in rose: I regard this as a lip balm because it is very very light and doesn’t last for even 30 mins. It has a nice watermelon smell. This is my least favourite of all. I have to find a way to use this up. Price : Rs.220 ( not sure )

Hope you have got a fair idea about all the products. These are the ones that I am currently using. My favourite of all the above is EOS lip balm & Avon simply pretty gloss.

Have a nice day!!!