MUA Undress Your Skin Radiant Under Eye Concealer: Review/Swatch

I love highlighters and concealers are a more like a necessity for me considering I have dark circles as dark as the Black Hole and when both these come together as one product, let’s just say I jump up with joy. So when MUA launched their Undress Your Skin Collection and it had a specific Radiant Under Eye Concealer, I wanted to kneel down and thank God! But… (yes, there is always a but to a story which means a not so happy ending) ..
there are so many issues I have with this one and I have a whole post to tell you all about it so get reading! 😀

Price: £3.00

About the product (from MUA’s website): Undress Your Skin Radiant Under Eye Concealer banishes dark circles and signs of fatigue with its light weight formula that contains light-diffusing particles to create a radiant glow that wakens dull, tired skin. Suitable for use on all skin tones, it is a makeup bag essential!

Application: Twist the bottom of the pen to release the concealer into the brush applicator. Gently apply under your eyes, then blend with your finger to conceal dark circles and brighten your eyes

MUA TOP TIP: Apply at the sides of your nose, the corner of your mouth and the hollow of your skin to brighten shadows and help lift signs of fatigue.
For your first application, you may need to turn the base approximately 25 times before the formula is dispensed.

Packaging: The concealer comes in a pen form with a brush on one end. The lower part of the pen needs to be twisted (you’ll hear a click sound) and the product is dispensed accordingly. 

First of all I have MAJOR issues with this whole twist and click business.. The lower quarter part of the pen needs to be twisted anti-clockwise. You are bound to hear a few click sounds and see no product at all and all of a sudden there is more product on the brush than you’ll ever want!! There is absolute no control over how much product comes out and no co-ordination between the twist and the product coming out!! 

The concealer is available only in a single shade called Radiance. What a bummer! Thankfully it was perfect for me and it concealed my dark circles well and my under eye area had a visible radiance too! BUT…. (there I go again! and yes, it is relevant!!) 

….the term glitter ball is an understatement here. The concealer has chunky silver glitter which stand out making you look like a glitter ball ^ infinity!! I had applied it and tried blending it and the concealer had evened out leaving the glitter behind. Then I tried again by not blending the product too much and used my finger to dab the concealer and still, the glitter seemed to be the star of the show!! Then I tried using a sponge to dab and then again! the glitter refused to budge!! It was a serious case of a glittery under eye!! 

Glitter Overdose!

Not only did I try (so hard) to make the product work (which was an epic failure) but I had to try twice as hard to remove the glitter!!! 

Final Word: Although the concealer is easy to blend and light on the skin, it loses out on the rest of the aspects! I would definitely not recommend this to anyone!!