Mission “MJJ” Empties: Why It Was An EPIC FAILURE!!+ Challenge Accepted!

Although my job is to analyze data and arrive at conclusions, never in my (almost!) 2 years of blogging did I think I would be doing the same here!! Well, I started “Mission Empties” in March and I successfully managed to finish up some more products in April BUT then….

An idea struck me. I wanted to see the difference between doing an empties post on a monthly basis and at a regular interval, say 3 months to 6 months and yes I did arrive at some conclusions. But before that here are the products I used up completely over the last three months (and if you still can’t figure out the conclusion, then wait!! Patience is a virtue :P)

1. EverYuth Walnut Scrub: My tryst with face scrubs began with the EverYuth walnut scrub and ever since, I’ve been repurchasing  this one. I love this one! It does a good job and delivers what it promises.

2. Bath & Body Works Sensual Amber Shower Gel: This was a gift from a cousin abroad and I HATED it!! The scent was overpowering and weird!!

3. Lakme Absolute Bi Phase Makeup Remover: My current makeup remover. This was the second bottle and the first one was mentioned in my March empties post here. The third bottle will make its way in my next empties post and then I’m moving on to other brands. For sure. 

4. L’Oreal Total Repair 5 Serum: This was bought on an impulse but I have to say it worked wonders for my frizzy hair!! I would definitely be repurchasing it. Review coming soon! 

5. Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Shampoo: This one is my HG shampoo. I’ve already repurchased my fourth bottle. My curly hair loves it so who am I to object? 😀 

See? I’ve only managed to use and empty 5 products! In 3 months!! How and Why? Well, here’s my analysis on why the three month empties failed. Doing a monthly empties post motivated me to try and finish a certain number of products by a deadline. Three months was too long a period. It’s like knowing an exam date way in advance and studying only at the last minute. Except it didn’t work here.  Secondly, after a point, you lose interest! 3 mooonthhhsss is a really long time. After a point the time frame itself demotivated me. 

I felt terrible for not using up a lot of my products which I might have if I had done a monthly empties post. 

So here’s the conclusion: Doing an empties post every month, if you are a blogger,  is wiser, better and a good source of motivation to use up products. Atleast I would be doing one every month to help myself finish whatever I have. 

Finally here’s a challenge which I’ll be taking up and I also tag other bloggers who do empties post to take up: Finish a lipstick or a blush by the end of this month. Hopefully I manage to do that and return with a more successful empties post next month!! 

What were your empties in the last 3 months? Do list it out! Would love to know what has gone into the bin! 😀