Maybelline Colorama Nail Color: Amanhecer: Review

I work in a place where wearing nailpolish is strictly a no-no (read school!) but when I saw children wearing blue and red nailpolishes, it kind of made me rebellious and I wore a nailpolish to school this week! Yippeeee!!

Okay maybe the color doesn’t look rebellious but wth! it made me look classy and “feel” girly (my first nailpolish in  such a soft color! :P)

Maybelline Colorama nail Enamel in Amanhecer did its job just right by making my nails look dignified yet dainty. It is a milky pink color and you need atleast 3 coats to actually get the color on your nails.

3 coats!!

It started peeling off on the third day but that too only because I had applied three coats. I tried on two coats of this for a week and it stayed for the entire week. But the three coats of the color didn’t seem heavy on my nails either. The drying time is like any other normal nailpolish. It was easy to apply, just the right consistency.

Priced at 100 INR for 8ml (I bought it when it was priced at 85 INR), it is a safe nailpolish to wear to work or any formal occasion.

Last weekend, I decided to add a little glitter to my nails with the NYX Girls Carnival nailpolish 😛

without a top coat

Final Word: A pretty milky pink which is a safe bet for everyday wear. You can never go wrong with such a color and formula!

Yep.. my cuticles are in a terrible shape! Any suggestions/remedies for that?