Marks & Spencer Moisturizing Hand and Nail Cream: Fresh Aloe Vera and Fruit Peach and Almond: Review

I find men who can cook to be attractive. Or to be precise, tall men who can cook (this is specified to rule out Bobby Chinn and the other short fellas!). To be even more precise, I love Chuck Hughes. He is one humongous eye candy! I love the way he uses his hands to chop vegetables, the way he tosses things in a pan, his plating ideas, his smile… I love everything about him! I could probably keep looking at his “wonder” hands and his smile all day!! Speaking of hands did I tell you about an amazing cream that has been working wonders for my dry and parched hands? If I didn’t, then I’m going to do it now which means I’ll be taking a diversion from one current obsession to another!  Sorry Chuck! You’ll just have to wait another day! 😉

If I had one phrase to describe the Marks & Spencer hand creams it would be “Blessing in Disguise”. You’ll know what I’m talking about when you see the before and after picture.
Price: 199 INR for 50 ml
There are several variants available in this range which is called the “Nature’s Extracts Collection” . I saw the Aloe Vera, Peach and Almond, a few citrus ones at the store. Apparently there are also various other scented ones available in the same range which I did not find here. You can check this page for more information.
Since I’m not a huge fan of citrus fragrances (exception: FE Narangi Lip balm), I picked Fresh Aloe Vera and Fruity Peach and Almond.
The Fresh Aloe Vera variant is true to its name. It has a fresh  aloe vera scent. By the way, does Aloe Vera have a scent of its own? I don’t think it does but one whiff of the scent of this hand cream and you would only associate it with aloe vera.

The scent of the Fruity Peach and Almond variant is stronger than that of Fresh Aloe Vera but equally good. It brings the picture of a land full of white peaches with almonds here and there. The hand cream’s scent is that of white peach with a hint of almonds. It is loaded with the goodness of almond oil.

Packaging: The packaging is as simple as it can get. A tube with a flip-open cap. But I love the fact that each variant comes in a different colored tube and has these really cute pencil sketch-like representation of the core ingredient.

The hand cream is white in color and unlike other hand creams, is light to use. It is neither too sticky nor runny (Hand creams which have a runny consistency are a pain I tell ya!)  and I love how it moisturizes my hands instantly!

I love how these hand creams get absorbed into my skin easily and I have to keep checking if they are really my hands. My cuticles and the area around my nails look so healthy and clean now, it is unbelievable!

The second picture was taken a month after I started using the cream. It’s been over 3 months now and let me tell you, using it everyday makes such a huge difference!!

Final Word: The Peach and Almond one has found its permanent place in my handbag and the Aloe Vera one by my bedside! I love both the M&S hand creams and I would definitely repurchase these! These are one of my best finds this year!! It could definitely give the Crabtree and Evelyn Hand Creams a run for their  money!

And yes, a little more than 3 months for the year to end! Unbelievable!!

And here are pictures of Chuck, just to end this post on an even better note! 😉