MAC Blush:Desert Rose: Review,Swatches and FOTD

What’s common between my favourite everyday blush and one of my all-time favourite songs?? Obviously the name!! Mwahahaha!! Lame I know 😛 Anyway coming back to my favourite blush (if you are interested we can discuss the song in the comments 😀 ), MAC’s Desert Rose is a beautiful everyday blush for medium to dark skintones (might look good on really fair skin people if used with a light hand 🙂 )

Price: Rs 1350; Rs 980 for the refill pan

Quantity: 6g
MAC’s Desert Rose is definitely my HG Blush.  Initially I wasn’t too keen on getting this although I wanted something matte for everyday wear. And just when I had decided I would get this on my next visit to the MAC store SURPRISE SURPRISE! I was gifted this one on my birthday. 😀
MAC describes Desert Rose as a soft reddish burgundy matte blush. The color is a beautiful burnt pink more on the darker side. I find it has a little reddish burgundy undertone but it isn’t entirely that!  (Like a real badly suntanned rose!! 😛 ). 
It is a perfect matte blush with high pigmentation. A single swipe of it is enough to give the cheeks a warm healthy glow sans shimmer.
The staying power is also equally good. It stays on me for approx. 8-9 hours and then evenly fades leaving behind a lovely light tint of the color. The healthy happy glow lasts the entire day!

I love everything about this blush except the price. (Of course isn’t that everyone’s complaint wrt to a MAC product??) 1350 for the blush is definitely on the higher side but for once I find it justifiable (not because I didn’t spend on it 😛 ) for the quality and it is a PERFECT everyday blush. Of course there must be dupes for this (I have one or two myself!) but nothing lives upto the quality of this one and smoothly it glides over the skin (probably because it is so finely milled) and how easy it is to blend!


Indoors in white light:

Natural Lighting:

This is how Desert Rose looks on me:

Overall this is one of MAC’s best matte blushers and a must have for anyone searching for an everyday wear blush. I would recommend this to everyone and if you like me who thinks a lot before buying high end products then don’t think twice, put this on top of your list!