Lush Aqua Marina Cleanser: Review

As many of you know by now I have extremely dry skin. My skin also gets tanned very easily and if one day I look like a white ghost the next day you can expect a dark brown version of it 😛 And yes the obvious problem of pigmentation also exists on my face. (How many problems can such a small face have?? 🙁 ) I know variety is the spice of life but an uneven skintone is NOT variety!! Urrgghhh..

So on a mission to “attack” all these problems I’m always on a lookout for products which will help reduce pigmentation and also help get rid of my tan. Upasana told me long back about Aquamarina from Lush and that it helps remove tan but sadly it wasn’t available in the Chennai outlet whenever I went there so I always ended up buying other cleansers and masks which is an entirely different story 😛 (reviews coming up soon!). Early last month fortunately this was there in the store and I bought it without giving it a second thought.

What Lush claims:

Price: Rs 585 for 100 gms

Ingredients: Glycerine, Calamine Powder, Kaolin, Irish Moss Gel, Organic Aloe Vera Gel, Fine Sea Salt, Nori Seaweed, Sweet Wild Orange Oil, Patchouli Oil , Carrageenan Extract, Perfume

Picture taken from the Lush website
The cleanser comes in the trademark black Lush tub. You need to use a spoon or a spatula to scoop out the cleanser from the tub which I find inconvenient due to my laziness 😛 

Storage: Usually all Lush cleansers and masks remain fresh for the longest if refrigerated.

I generally take a little with the Seaweed (that was what intrigued me the most when I bought it!) and use a little water to make it easily spreadable and I apply it on my wet face and neck. I have a manual scrub thing (its pink and extremely cute!) which I use to get the maximum benefit of the product by massaging the product into my skin with it.

Does it work for me? 
The cleanser does remove tan and makes my face brighter. BUT it has a drying effect on the skin (due to the calamine powder) so I HAVE to immediately moisturize my face with a cream based moisturizer. Also the first few times I used it the effect seemed to last only for a day. But it has been nearly 2 months now and I can see a visible improvement on my face with respect to pigmentation and tan issues although I must mention I’ve been using it everyday.
Doesn’t the pink intertwined with the green look lovely?
This cleanser is a must have for you if:
  • you have a tan you want to get rid of and you are a lover of natural ingredients. You can definitely see instant results but that will last for a day however it does provide long term results with continuous usage. 
  • you have oily skin this is one is perfect for you for tan removal!

But you can skip this if:
  • dry skin is an issue for you. But a heavy creamy moisturizer can solve that problem.
  • you can find inexpensive and better options for tan removal

I would suggest that people with dry skin use this at night just before going to bed and follow it up with a heavy night cream.

I wouldn’t say I love this cleanser nor do I hate it. It has worked for me but the drying effect and the wait for the long term effect are a bit of concern. And so my mission to find the perfect tan removal product continues…

Here is a video on how Aquamarina is made! 

You can either buy Aquamarina at the Lush retail outlets in your city or order online at

Have you tried Aquamarina?