Luscious Lips Live! contest: Entry #23

Entry #23: Raaga

Lipstick: Lotus Pure Colors Lipstick in Carnation

Why I love it: 
I am forever stuck with Pinkish brown lipsticks! But once in a while my heart leaps at a bright shade and my pocket allows it.The Lotus carnation lipstick came to reside in my vanity because the counter did not have Peach Creme (which I am still being greedy for ). This one looked very pretty and cost me only 220 bucks! The shade is a bright coral pinkish red  which lightens up my face. Love wearing it as a tint! 
You guys must be thinking Oh God!! her entries are so long ! Don’t worry dearies this is my last entry 😛 
Ed’s Note: The color just stole my heart!! :X Chuck all your pinkish brown lippies! Enough of them 😛