Luscious Lips Live! contest: Entry #16

Entry #16: Ghayathri
Lipstick: Nude Coral from Colorbar’s Creme Touch Lipstick range
Price: 450 INR

Why I love it :

This is one coral lipstick which suites my medium-dusky skin tone perfectly. It’s not an overly bright shade and would suit almost everyone. Plus, it doesn’t dry out my ever-dry lips and is quite moisturizing. I reach for this more often nowadays since it’s just such a fun colour. If you are a girl who loves corals, do give this one a try, if you are not a coral lover, its time to get this and fall in love with it dears <3
Ed’s Note: I can see you are head over heels in love with this lipstick!! So I won’t take it from you. Okay, Enough of me trying to act nice. 😛 I have this one 😉 Looks lovely on you!! I agree with the moisturizing part because even I have dry lips!