Luscious Lips Live! contest: Entry #14

Entry #14: Aayushi

Lipstick: Chambor Lipstick in Red Rose

Price: I got it for Rs 595

I bought this Lipstick just for Mom. She wanted Brownish Red and this one is just too Perfect with a change i.e. Applying with In built Brush.

Initially it will give u a glossy finish but actually it’s a matte one . This shade is not that bright blood red and I think it will suit everyone  In Lip swatch I have applied it as a tint kinda ( One swipe only)

Why I love This Lipstick:

First of all I love this because my mom loved it  & she just rocks this shade. Secondly Its Staying Power Its Just Awesome ( you’ll def need makeup remover to remove it properly). Third it didn’t transfer at all so u don’t need to be embarrassed while having tea/ coffee etc: D

Last but not the least it’s very moisturizing…. What else you want from a lipstick??

Ed’s Note: I’m sure Mango Man would want to sing Hey Se*y Lady after seeing this picture 😉 But  let me also say that this picture of yours is enough to make anyone go bonkers!! Awesome one Aayu!! 🙂 The color suits you so well!!