Luscious Lip Lives!: Vote for your favourite entry! (Participants only!)

The Luscious Lip Lives contest has finally come to an.. wait for it.. END!! 😀 I honestly did not expect so many entries and I was so humbled by the entire experience and by the hard work all the participants have put in. Thank you Revathy, Shweta, Shabby GD, Nids, Raaga, Harman, Shikha, Chandana, Meg, Tejinder, Ghayathri and Aayushi for participating and sending such wonderful entries.

So as promised here are some more twists to the contest! 😉

As I had mentioned earlier, there would be voting. Many of you voiced your concern about the voting system. The voting system is going to be fair, simple and easy.

ONLY the participants will get to vote! The 11 participants can choose one or more entries that they liked and vote for them. Choose entries which you like on the basis of clarity of picture, swatch, originality and the text. DO NOT vote because that person happens to be your friend and she might vote back for you. That wouldn’t happen. Trust me.

Please fill in the doc below and vote for the entries that you like based on the criteria given above. Also mention your name in the end so that I know who has voted. Voting would be open till 31st March 2013. The top 5 will be chosen based on your votes and the final winner will be selected by me and announced on April 2nd.

A request to all the contestants, Please vote. Your vote matters. You can find the entries under the label “luscious lip lives contest”

All the best! :X