Luscious Lip Lives! Contest: Top 8 entries!!

Hurrah! Hurrah! I’m back from my break! But did I finish my so called “personal” work? That’s not the point here anyway 😉 So finally the top 8 entries (4 entries got one vote each) from the Luscious Lip Lives! contest entries have been picked. Tadaaaa!! Here they are (in no particular order)!

Entry #15: Meg

Entry #24: Harman Goga

Entry #21: Shabby GD 

 Entry #18: Harman Goga

The following 4 entries got one vote each so I’ve decided to include them also since its a tie.

Entry #14: Aayushi

Entry #7: Nids
Entry #3: Shabby GD

Entry #9: Shabby GD

These are the final entries! The winner will be announced as nervous as a tomorrow! 😀 I’m as nervous as all of you are ladies! The responsibility of picking the winner is a huge responsibility I say!! 😀