Luscious Lip Lives! contest: Entry #21

Entry #21 : Shabby GD
Lipstick: Pierre Cardin Paris Long lasting Perfect Colors Vitamin E lipstick 23


Why I love it:
This lipstick is very dear to me. There are two reasons behind this; firstly I love the color Red and the second fact that this reminds me of my first Giveaway win. I love Reds and when I got this lipstick I was extremely joyful. The shade is a vibrant red with no cool undertones. It is a warm red which is a perfect match for me. The red is a very bold shade. It is definitely not for the weak heart. The consistency is nice but the shade does highlight the dry patches on my lips. For prolonged wear it is better to wear a lip balm. Overall I love the shade and I just wish I could wear it more often. It is very bold so it becomes difficult for me to wear it on a daily basis.  As it was a gift the price is unknown to me.

Ed’s Note: Red suits you so well! Then again, you carry off all the colors effortlessly! 🙂