Lotus Safe Sun CollagenShield Sunblock with SPF 90 PA+++: Review

I was one of those girls at school who used to dread Sports Day or rather the rigorous march past practice we had to go through for a month prior to the Day. Those days were terrible only because we had practice everyday at 9am in the morning so tanning and getting sunburnt were inevitable. It would take a good 2-3 months for the tan to disappear gradually on its own.  😛 I did not know a thing about sunscreens then when I needed them the most! 

The all new Lotus Safe Sun CollagenShield Sunblock with SPF 90 PA+++ would have been a boon probably at that time. 😀 Back to the present, how many of really need a sunblock with SPF 90??

Who needs a SPF 90 Sunblock?

  • An outdoor sports player
  • A person who has field work all day and travels extensively
  • Anyone who gets tanned and sunburnt easily

The outer box packaging has all the instructions on usage, information about what UVA and UVB is and the ingredients used. To know more about this revolutionary product you can read the press release here.

The sunscreen comes in a tube with a flip open cap. Personally I don’t like skincare products with a flip open cap due to the messiness it creates and the wastage of product. I agree it is travel friendly and that’s the only reason I’m okay with it.

Price: Rs 595
Quantity: 50g
The sunscreen as such is neither too runny or thick in consistency. It is perfect and blends like a dream on the skin. Since it is tinted, you don’t need to worry about wearing a foundation if you’ve used this. The coverage is    light though.

You can try this product because:

  • The high SPF is excellent although I personally have a doubt if it is necessary. I would be happy with a SPF 50 one. But if you get tanned or sunburnt easily then this one is for you! 
  • Blends really well into the skin. 
  • Loved how the outer packaging gives all the information needed. (Although this isn’t a valid reason for you to try the product :P) 
  • Travel friendly packaging
  • Has aloe and soya protein which is good for the skin. 
  • It is preservative free which means it is safe for the skin
  • Protects against UVA and UVB rays
  • The sunscreen is suitable for all skin types. I have extremely dry skin and Ive used it for about 10-12 times now. Ive not had any side effects or anything and it also moisturizes my skin to an extent. 

Why you need to think twice before buying it:

  • The price. 595 bucks for 50gms!! :O
  • I personally don’t like the flip open cap. I think it leads to a lot of wastage of product and messiness. 
  • If SPF 50 works for you then you can give this a miss
  • You might have to use a matte finishing powder over this if you have oily/combination skin

Overall the new revolutionary sunscreen from Lotus is perfect in terms of formulation, consistency, texture and is tinted which is a bonus but at the end of the day you need to make a call regarding the SPF 90 factor. I would not purchase this again. Im excited to try the other Lotus one with SPF 50!

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