Lotus Herbals Tea Tree Face Wash: Review

By Kirthi 
Divassence! has been my sounding board for all things oily-skin – you guys have heard me saying this enough and more – my oil-ridden skin is just the perfect spot for the NATO’s next intervention. Ah well. I’ve just chanced upon what I’d say is rightfully the best solution for oily skin, in terms of face washes: The Lotus Herbals Tea Tree Wash.

Price: Rs 145 for 120 gm

Packed in their trademark creamy yellow tube, with a wave of green washing over, the sides of the tube are transparent and let you see the granulated gel that sits inside, ready to take on your oil glands with glee. The odour is pleasant, and woody, and reminds you of hill stations and a glass of steaming tea.

The product tells you that it is specially formulated for oily skin, and that it comprises an infusion of extracts of tea tree oil, cinnamon and oak bark, all of which go to ensure that there is a removal of the excess oil on your skin while also keeping the oil production itself regulated. What it also promises to do is to reduce the number of lesions on your skin that are akin to acne, while also seeing to it that your skin remains fresh and clean.

Wet your face first, and then squeeze a tiny bubble’s worth on a wet palm, and apply it on your face with upward circular motions. Rinse once done, and you’re set!

The good:
  • Neat packaging
  • Good odour
  • Lathers well
  • Comfortable granules that don’t erode your skin
  • Leaves your face cool, refreshed and completely cleansed
  • Actually controls your acne!
The bad:
I wonder what else it contains – and it might just help if they told us everything it contains beside just the active ingredients. Makes me wonder if there are chemicals after all!
Would I use it again? Yes indeed!