L’Oreal Paris Skin Expertise Go 360 Deep Facial Clean Cleanser: Review/Swatch

Hola Chicas,

How is your day so far? Bangalore is cold and foggy and my skin is taking a beating. Dry skin like mine will crave for moisture and hydration every single moment in this weather. And our skincare routine should include products that not only cater to the needs but also protect our skin from further harm.
One such product I found which I’m fond of is the L’Oreal Paris 360 go clean cleanser for sensitive skin. I got this cleanser because I had a bout of sensitive skin and I did  not want to harm it more.

Price: Rs.399 for 178 ml.

CTM is a mantra that many have spoken of time and again and the product we use for cleansing is important.

A little something on the cleansers here. Always buy a cleanser depending on your skin type and the weather. What works in summer might not work for winter.
L’Oreal Paris Skin Expertise Cleanser is a pearly white liquid cleanser, mildly fragrant, tastes salty and has a jelly like consistency.
The Cleanser is a great option for autumn and winter seasons because the skin craves for moisture and this while removing the dirt, grime and make-up off your face, does not strip the moisture off it.
The ideal way to use this would be after you remove your make up. Just wet your face, take some product at the back of your hand, apply dots all over the face and use the scrubber in circular motions. The pearly liquid turns transparent in a while. Spray some toner on and continue scrubbing. The liquid turns completely into foam. Your cleansing routine is done now.
Though you can use a wet towel to remove the cleanser, I would recommend washing your face to remove the last trace of the cleanser. I have noticed the freshly cleansed feeling on my skin, without feeling dry and scaly!! (+1 for that alone !!)
This cleanser comes with a soft bristle rubber scrubber which helps melt the foundation you have on your face and also mildly scrub away the dead cells. The scrubber has 2 types of surfaces, normal short bristles and dotted surface in a corner. Use the dotted hard surface near the corners of the nose, bridge between the eyes, corners of your mouth. They not only scrub away the dead cells, but also boost blood circulation around these areas.
The only con of this product is that it does not remove waterproof make up. You have to remove the make up first and then use this cleanser. Something like double cleansing that Lisa Eldridge recommends. 🙂
I absolutely love this cleanser but for the chemicals that go into the making of this product. I might buy this again but if I get a more natural cleanser then…
My search for that perfect cleanser is still on. Till then, I swear by this one !!
Until next,