Lining the Waterline and How to Make it Last Longer!: Tutorial

Back in college, I used to love wearing kohl on my waterline but by noon, I would look like a raccoon and my eyes would be the b*tt of many  jokes that used to float around. So from experience and tried and tested methods, here is a quick tutorial on how to make your kohl last longer without smudging on the waterline.

This method ensures that the kohl lasts the entire day on my waterline.

What you’ll need (apart from your most trusted water proof waterline safe liner):

A matte black eye shadow; I’ve used Inglot Freedom System Refill Matte #391

You can use either one of these to apply the eyeshadow on the waterline:
An angled eyeliner brush, a thin eyeliner brush (I generally use the one that comes with the Maybelline gel liner), an eye shadow sponge applicator or the most commonly available cotton bud.
A cotton bud to wipe off the water from your waterline.

I’ve used a cotton bud in this tutorial.

  • Picture 1: Conceal your undereye are and apply some translucent powder so that if there is any fallout of the eyeshadow while applying, it can be brushed off at the end.
  • Picture 2: Using one end of the cotton bud, wipe off the water from your waterline. This makes sure that the liner sticks to your waterline thereby ensuring longevity of the liner and the eye liner glides on the waterline easily.
  • Pictures 3, 4 and 5: Apply your liner on the waterline. I’ve used my favourite Lakme Eyeconic Kajal. Line the tear duct area and the upper waterline. Go over the line once again with your liner to ensure there aren’t any gaps.
  • Picture 6: On the other end of the cotton bud, pick up some eyeshadow (and by that I mean very little) and tap off the excess. It is important to remove the excess shadow from the brush you use so that it does not get into your eye. Slowly and gently pat it on your outer part of your waterline to prevent the eyeliner from coming out. I also use it on top of the liner. Again this contributes towards the longevity of the liner on the waterline. The important thing is to PAT and not drag or pull.
  • Picture 7: Go over the liner in your tear duct area with the eye shadow.
  • Picture 8: Annnd.. You’re done!!
Hope this helped! And if you would like to see more tutorials, please comment below! 🙂