Let’s Talk!: Unspoken Communication

I recently came across this picture and all I could think was, “Gosh! I can identify myself with this!” Whenever I see a girl go past I look at her clothes, earrings, bag and everything we girls would usually look at. BUT it stops with that. This doesn’t imply I judge someone based on their dressing, makeup or how they carry themselves. But I do feel the pressure of looking good all the time and I am scared of being judged. That’s the truth. 

The immediate assumption people make when they see me is that I’m a snob. How can someone judge another person just based on how they look? This is something I really don’t understand and if you do please enlighten me.

Do you identify yourself with this picture? And if there is anything you would like to say please do so and let me know your thoughts on this. Let’s Talk!